Women ban liquor in Ghodegaun

Published On: July 4, 2018 04:30 AM NPT By: DB Buda

JUMLA, July 4: Before the local elections, there used to be competitions among the people of Ghodegaun in Jumla district regarding who can drink more alcohol and cause nuisance in the society. It was easy to find liquor in every home. Drinking used to be the reason behind every dispute and brawl in the village. 

However, the situation has changed after the local elections when the ward office included all women of the village in 'Ama Samuha' or mothers' group and started a drive against drinking and selling of alcohol. 

This has developed this village into an exemplary village. Bijkali Rokaya, chairperson of the Aama Samuha, informed that those who drink or sell alcohol in the village are subjected to punishment. According to her, those who are found drinking are charged Rs 1,000 and those found making or selling alcohol have to pay Rs 500 as fine.

They will have to pay additional Rs 1,000 if found disturbing the peace of the society. Raikosha Rokaya, chairperson of 'Janjagaran Aama Samuha' informed that every month they conduct meetings to discuss about the problems, culture and customs of the village. 

"We have just realized that if women are united they can bring exemplary changes in the society," said Raikosha.

Those who violate this rule are at first called and warned and if they still continue to do the same they are ostracized and publicly insulted. Even after doing so, if they still continue with the same behavior, they are made to pay the fine.

There are three villages in Tila Rural Municipality-6 and two of the villages-Ghodegaun and Sudigaun have banned liquor. Preparations are underway to impose the ban in Ripigaun too, in order to make the whole rural municipality liquor-free, informed Bhakta Bahadur Rokaya, chairperson of Tila Rural Municipality. 

Currently, there are two women's groups in each village. After the success of this campaign, women are now planning to curb gambling. 

These days, even male members of the family have started supporting the anti-liquor campaign of women. They believe this campaign has been a great support in maintaining peace and harmony in the village.

Earlier, these villages had a tradition of welcoming guests with alcohol. But now, they have started praising the guests who don't drink. Ward chief Rokaya informed that women's group immediately reach the site upon getting information of drunkards and punish them right there.

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