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Published On: August 24, 2016 11:00 PM NPT By: Republica  | @RepublicaNepal

KATHMANDU, Aug 24: You might be a casual Twitter user, trying to drop your two cents on trending issues and political debates, or you might have strictly created a Twitter account as a tool for social media marketing to promote your business.

Both ways, you are engaged in tweeting posts daily, replying or retweeting posts from other users and gaining followers. Through all these activities, you are constantly creating massive amount of data. But what can you do with so much information?

With your Twitter data you can easily understand the effectiveness of your tweets. You may be curious: How many people are reading my tweets? What kind of interests my followers have? Why aren’t my tweets getting more replies and likes?

Twitter has a smarter way to address those questions: Twitter Analytics.

Twitter Analytics is a free and official data analytics feature from Twitter. To use this handy tool, you have to enter the URL: (you need to be logged in to your account). Once you are directed to your Twitter Analytics dashboard, you will get to access your Twitter performance data. If you are overwhelmed with all the graphs and details, here’s a summary of things you can do with your Twitter Analytics:

Impression & Engagement
On the dashboard’s home page you will get to see your account’s monthly statistics report. Twitter records total number of your tweets, total profile visits and increase in followers, which are just basic details.

It also gives you advance details on your tweet’s impression and engagement. Impression is a popular term used in Web advertisement. Here, it means the total number of times people saw your tweet. While your tweet’s engagement means the total number of times others have interacted with your tweets by retweeting, liking, replying, following and clicking on links or hashtags.

You can click on individual tweets and Analytics will breakdown your tweet’s impression and engagement, so that you can calculate which tweets are working and which are failing.

Know more about your audience
Another great thing in this feature is that it provides valuable insights about your twitter followers. When you click on the ‘Audiences’ tab on the dashboard, you will see that Twitter cleverly breaks down the demographical details about your audiences. It categorizes your followers based on age groups, gender, languages, countries and region. Except demographical characteristics, you can also see the top interests of your followers.

Also, you can track the audience’s mobile footprint, which is to say, what devices your audience use to access Twitter.

When you understand your audience’s characteristics and platform preferences, it’ll be easier to design your tweet topics according to their interests. This can only open up audience growth opportunities for you in the long run.

Keeping track of events on Twitter
Have you been in a situation where you have missed out on a popular event or trend on Twitter? If you don’t want to let it happen to you again, you can closely watch the ongoing events around the world that has gotten the users talking the most on Twitter. Analytics has a tab called ‘Events’ that keeps track of the topic based events that are globally or locally popular among twitter users. The tab also features recurring trends that you can easily use to tailor your tweets and gain more audience engagement.  

Twitter has won over its users with this analytics tool. The information is easy to use and the feature is absolutely free, however, this feature is relatively unknown to a regular user. But if you know your way around Twitter Analytics, you surely will turn the tables around to promote yourself or your business through tweets that’ll be really hard to miss.   

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