Priceless herbals being exported at Rs 20 per kg

Published On: June 22, 2018 08:55 AM NPT

KATHMANDU, June 22: In lack of processing centers and sluggish technological development, precious herbs are being exported for mere Rs. 20 per kilogram. 

“While Nepal can reap benefit by exporting high quality herbal plants with medicinal values, it hasn’t been able to do so because the country lacks processing units,” Federation of Nepal Small and Cottage Industries said adding that apart from such herbs, gemstones found only in the Karnali Province are also following suit. 

Acting Chairperson of the Federation Umesh Prasad Singh said reliance on old technologies led to low unit productions while incurring higher costs during production.

Small industries contribute to 50 per cent tax of the total revenue to the government while giving employment to 5-10 members in the family.   


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