I learned from life

May 16, 2018 11:06 AM Pratigya Sharma

Blissful childhood, though hurdles throughout my ways
I handled my life with care knowingly or unknowingly
I travelled till this time with lots of constructive affairs.

Days and night passed by where fearful thought 
Squeezed together for each other’s love and shares.
Lots of  turns and bends, life has showed me its actual face
Every day with a hope of tears to change our life from this to that
Jumped up, curdle down, and tried it hard to make it own
Tried it hard to bend it down all and all for my sweetest one
Teased me, laughed at me, left me in middle of the way
Cried for that, scold for that and again move forward and waited to take
Sprinkled, scattered life gathered together with the presence of my life altogether
All within love, care and support, stranded beneath this world.
Now the scattered heart, the lonely ways, the hands which catches on my ways
The heavy hearts the passing days with the expectation you don’t go away
The lovely days will come again where I could see my face again
The eyes on eyes, the hands on hand all within laughter, sorrow and pain.

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