Individuals who own Fewa land plots (with list)

Published On: May 1, 2018 03:25 PM NPT By: Prasanta Lamichhane  | @prasantaparbat

KATHMANDU, May 1: As many as 1, 692 ropanis of land of the Fewa Lake have been registered in the names of various individuals. Supreme Court on Sunday issued an interim order in the name of government to demolish illegal infrastructures built on the banks of the Fewa Lake, paving the way for the conservation of the lake.

In 2069 BS, a probe panel led by Bishwa Prakash Lamimichhane had prepared a list of those involved in the Fawa Lake encroachment.

However, the government has not yet take action against the wrongdoers.

Republica English daily, that has been publishing reports on the Fewa Lake encroachment, has received the list of those who have registered the land in their names.

The panel had recommended scrapping the land ownership certificates owned by 950 individuals.

 Out of 950, 700 individuals' land falls within the conservation area.

Listed in the wetland region, people had registered this contentious land plots stretching in the area from 1 to 2 kilometers during the survery period held in 2033/34 BS. 

The plots which are demarcated in straight lines look unnatural, according to experts.

The panel had recommended providing compensation for 540 ropanis registered in the names various individuals since 1990 BS. Similarly, the panel also had recommended the concerned authority to provide compensation for 161 ropanis out of 361 ropanis of land belonging to Fewa Lake.

The Fewa Lake which had spread in the area of 10 km has shrunk to 4.20 km according to the survery report of 2064 BS.

Not only the area, its depth has also come down. Its depth was 33 meters in 2031 BS. It was measured 18 km in depth in 2064 BS.

The encroachment had started after the lake suddenly brust in 2031 BS and 50 percent of water gushed out of the lake. The existing law bans any kinds of infrastructures around the pephery of 65 km. However, it has not been implemented.

Pokhara-Lekhnath Metropolitan City has prepared a list of 240 illegally built infrastructures including Water Front Resort owned by Karna Shakya.

Situated at Sedidanda, his two-story hotle is in the list.

Similarly, Fishtail Resort being run in a two-story building owned by Jagadish Lal Baidhya has also been listed.

Similary, Kali Bahadur’s hotel based in Barahi Chowk, Taragaun Hotel, Guest House owned by metropolitan city, Tourism Board Office, Nepal Police Barrack, Ranta Mandir, August Lake Resort based in Sedi, Duna Tapari, View Point Restaurant, among others have featured in the list. 

Individuals who own Fewa land plots (with list) 

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