April 24, 2018 09:07 AM ADISH KARKI

Don’t just stare at my dark sides and small size.
Rush to the perfection and discover where my origin lies.

 I was broken into tiny parts and suddenly a dawn rose.
A bold Gorkha embarked on unmasking his patriotic dose.
With mighty sword in his arm he marched ahead.
‘The dream of unification’ he plastered in his head.

And I was refigured into ‘One’ by that Gorkha king.
Onwards, my every children were termed ‘Bravest being’.
Now get your nonsense March halted and rather assist me.
Again, I’m being a slaughter house, eradicate it joining my company.
Don’t let me get scattered.
Or you’re gonna get kicked with the aftermath which is set to be mattered.

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