5 things about Kunjana Ghimire

April 23, 2018 09:21 AM Sonam Lama

She made viewers roar with laughter through Nepal Television sitcom Meri Bassai. Kunjana Ghimire, widely known as Suntali, is considered a fine actor of the Nepali entertainment industry. Started her career in acting with radio drama aired on Radio Nepal at the age of 11, she has also been actively participating in social activities and running public campaigns after the 2015 earthquake through Dhurmus Suntali Foundation, which is a social organization working for awareness, reconstruction and public service in Nepal.

In conversation with My City’s Sonam Lama, Kunjana Ghimire revealed the five things that many may not know about her.

Fond of children
A doting mother to her daughter, she is highly amused and comforted being around children. When she visited few of the districts across Nepal, during earthquake, she grew fonder of the innocence of children in the rural parts of Nepal, which have brought her heart-warming memories.

Keen shopper
When it comes to spending her holiday, she prefers travelling and going for shopping. More than a planned one, she loves to wander about places and shop spontaneously and most of the time she ends up buying clothes, cosmetics and perfumes. “With perfumes, I go for strong fragrance, Arabic perfumes really go with my taste,” said Kunjana.

Fitness conscious
A foodie at heart, she is fond of experimenting with different tastes and flavors. However, in order to remain fit and healthy, she hardly cuts down on her daily diets and prefers remaining fit through balancing her diet. “I don’t abstain myself from eating foods that I enjoy. I ensure that I drink a lot of water to keep my body hydrated throughout the day,” she added.

Social activist
Apart from being known as an actor, she is much of a person contributing as a social activist after the 2015 earthquake. Having engaged herself to oodles of humanitarian works and establishing a social organization on her own, she has been looking forward to working on projects focusing on women empowerment. 

Nepali music lover
For her music is a way of connecting to people and entertaining oneself. From classical to pop and lok dohori to Nepali bhajans, she prefers listening to Nepali music of different genres. She believes that for music to be pleasing, the lyrics and the melody should complement each other. “I especially prefer listening to music whenever I am on long travels,” she added.

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