Prospects of home-cooked foods

April 23, 2018 09:11 AM Republica

Clock-b Business Innovations’ eighth X-preneur session on Sunday concluded with the sharing of Foodmario CEO Rohit Tiwari at Kaffe Codes, Thapathali. Tiwari explained his vision behind the venture to bring home-cooked food to people on a beck and call. Thirty participants had gathered at the event. 

Tiwari shared his journey of entrepreneurship with Foodmario and even before that. “Businesses were good but when you do something without the drive, you feel incomplete. After meeting like-minded people, I found the right team and Foodmario came into existence six years ago,” said Tiwari.

“The inspiration for Foodmario has been every mother who has been cooking for every single day of their life for years and years with the passion and love. We connect the eaters personally with the cooks and also right food to right customers. We maintain the hygiene standard and quality of food,” he added.

Speaking about his failures, he stressed that every entrepreneur needs to know why they are doing what they are doing. The tipping point, the driving factor and the overall experiences would be different for everyone so there are no hard and fast formula of success, he said. 

“Amid a scenario where there is a struggle to sustain even commercial kitchens, Foodmario is operating with much restrictions like no minimum order and no delivery charge in between Kathmandu’s traffic. There is a struggle to convince home-based chefs and the consumer behavior is still low. We are still targeting a niche market and we have young-age consumers. It is creating small ripples but the day we connect even 200 chefs and tap the right market, I believe the scenario will change for good,” he shared further.

He also talked about the work environment in Foodmario and the importance of having a free workspace. “Our team has the independence and opportunities for ample interactions. Even with the freedom, we have a dedicated, young and creative team which makes achieving our goals easier,” Tiwari added.

He further discussed the possibilities of developing e-commerce in Nepal and participated in a Q &A as well as an informal networking session talking about Foodmario’s operations and goals.
X-preneur is a platform for youth, students, business enthusiasts and fresh graduates to have a chance to interact, network, and learn from the experience of working entrepreneurs and vice versa to fill the evident gap of knowledge and skills in the market. X-preneur will be hosting two more sessions for this season.

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