Study team formed over rising death of rhinos

Published On: April 22, 2018 04:37 PM NPT

CHITWAN, April 22: In view of the rising deaths of rhinoceros, the Department of National Park has launched study and investigation. Since 1998, the Chitwan National Park alone witnessed the untimely death of as many as 269 rhinoceros. The rate of the death has increased in the recent years. 

As per the data maintained by the Chitwan National Park Office, eight pachyderms died in 2o14 while 15 in 2015, 14 in 2016 and 24 in 2017. 

With this alarming fact, the Department of National Park has formed a committee under the coordination of ecologist Laxman Poudel having the members Dr Naresh Subedi of National Nature Conservation Trust, Dr Kanchan Thapa of World Wildlife Fund, Dr Bhagwan Dahal of Zoological Society of London, chief conservation officer at Chitwan National Park, Bed Kumar Dhakal and Dr Kamal Gaire. 

The committee will study the available number of the rhinoceros, deaths and its causes, the reports made so far, grassland, habitat and water sources, among others. 

Coordinator Poudel said report with preliminary study would be handed to the department within a week. Although primary examination on the death of rhinoceros is done within Nepal, in-depth study needs examination from abroad. 

In addition to poaching and natural death, the rhinos die getting diseased, stuck in marsh, cub eaten by tiger, and being swept away in floods. 

The latest census puts the number of rhinos at 605 in the Chitwan National Parks. RSS

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