40 pc child literacy gap between rich and poor: CBS

Published On: November 10, 2016 12:40 AM NPT By: Bishnu Prasad Aryal

Gap between male and female children above five is 18 percent
KATHMANDU, Nov 10: The gap in child literacy rate between the rich and poor is 39 percent while the gap between  male and female children above five years of age is also big.

According to the latest household survey carried out by the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS), the literacy rate of the population above 5 years of age stands at 65.6 percent across the nation. The male literacy is 75.1 percent while the female literacy is only 57.3 percent, according to the recently published report of 2014/2015.

The literacy rate for the population six years and above is reported to be 66.6 percent while the rates for urban and rural populations are 76.1 and 62.3 percent respectively, according to the report. 

CBS carried out the household survey for rural, urban and national levels through a random selection of 4,500 households across the country. CBS, which started the household surveys four years ago, analyzes the sample household study every year.  

“Though the report does not reflect the real picture at local level, it gives an overall real picture at rural, urban and national levels,” said Dilli Raj Joshi, director at CBS. “This is the third regular report, though it has been published slightly off schedule,” he added.

The recent report found that the gap between the urban and rural populations is wider, with literacy rates of 75.1 percent and 61.4 percent respectively. “The literacy rate for the poorest consumption quintile is about 45.7 percent compared to 84.0 percent for the richest quintile,” said Joshi.

The report shows that the literacy rate in the 15 to 19 age group  is the highest while the 10-14 group is second and the 20-24 group is third highest. The rate gradually declines from the age of 19 to 60 and above, attaining a minimum of 26.6 percent. “The male and female difference becomes wider after 19 years,” said Joshi.

The adult literacy rate for the population 15 and above is 63.7 percent. Literacy rates for urban and rural areas are 74.4 percent and 58.6 percent respectively, according to the report. Gender variations for adult males and females are 76.2 percent and 53.3 percent respectively.

The survey also estimates that 33.4 percent of the population is attending school at present compared to 28.1 percent as per a previous report. About two percent of the population has attended non-formal education programs. “A total of 23.7 percent of children of five years never attended school,” the report says.

Summary Statics on Literacy in Percent
 2014/2015    2013/2014    2010/2011   Census 2011    
Literacy rate 6 years and above population    
Nepal    66.6     63.8    60.9    66.6    
Male    76.4    72.7    72.2    76.0     
Female    57.9    56.1    51.4    57.8    
Urban    76.1    81.0    76.9    82.2    
Rural    62.3    60.1    56.9    62.5    
Consumption Quintiles    
First Quintile (Poorest)    46.9    38.8    45.3        
Second Quintile    58.7    56.6    52.6        
Third Quintile    67.0    63.2    57.9        
Fourth Quintile    73.3    71.2    66.3        
Fifth Quintile (Richest) 84.6      85.6    79.3        
Source: CBS Report

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