Taming brows the Tumblr way

Published On: March 30, 2018 07:21 AM NPT By: The Week Bureau

Gone are the days when everybody seemed obsessed with over-plucking their eyebrows to the point where just a thin line was all that was left. Bold and bushy brows look have taken the world by storm for a while now. One website in particular which seems to love this trend is Tumblr and that is where it gets the name ‘Tumblr brows’. While some like to have their brows groomed in various designs, some like to maintain its natural shape. Whatever you prefer, here are some useful tips to make sure your brows frame and flatter your face in the best possible way.

Stay away from tweezers
The first step to you achieving the naturally bold brows is to actually let them grow out as much as possible. Even when you get the massive urge to take out your tweezers as you catch your reflection in the bathroom mirror, resist the temptation. If you think they are really getting out of control than go get the stray eyebrows threaded but do not try and pluck them out yourself. Threading is your best option here because, unlike waxing, it actually focuses on the removal of one strand of hair at a time and so there are less chances of “accidentally” messing it up. Also, monobrow is coming back in trend so think of getting one if you aren’t afraid to experiment with your look. If you find that it doesn’t suit your taste, then you can always have them threaded out.

Fill them in
One rule you have to remember for more natural looking brows is that less is more. Do not start full on painting over your eyebrows. Instead, with a light hand fill the sparse looking areas in your eyebrows with small strokes. Always work in the direction of hair growth and begin the filling process at the very starting point of the brow and work your way outwards. Remember to brush out your eyebrows before filling them in. Do not let the starting point of your eyebrows have a rough, ragged look because this does not look natural. Instead, draw out thin and short hair-like strokes. This will look more natural. Also, make sure to blend the products in rather than leaving them as they are which can look quite stiff. You can do this by brushing the area as that makes it look more natural.

Choosing the right color
The trick to selecting a color for your eyebrow product is going one tone lighter or darker than your natural brow color. If you are dark haired then pick a color that is one shade lighter than your natural hair color. If you are light haired then pick a color that is one shade darker than your natural hair color. This rule of thumb works only when you are sporting your natural hair color. If you have had your hair colored or bleached, match the color of your brows to that because dark hair with blonde eyebrows does not give out a natural vibe. And you could opt for one or two shades off the rule if you’re feeling up for it, because what’s more important than these rules is your personal preference.

For the finish
Like in the beginning, brush out the eyebrows to both settle them in and create a messy look. Make sure to spread out the hairs and do not make them look too combed out. A hack used by many – for the lack of a better word – “Tumblr girls” is to use chapstick on your brows. Just make sure you are using a chapstick that is not tinted. What you do is after you have filled them in and brushed them out is you apply a single stroke of clear chapstick over it that serves multiple purpose. For one, it works as an eyebrow gel but does not give the stiff finish most eyebrow gels do. It also thickens up the strands of hair in your eyebrows making them look naturally thicker. And since it is colorless, you can slowly build up on the product if you want to. 

Pencil vs powder vs gel
The kind of product you are using on your brows has a lot to do with the end result. While pencil, powder, and gel are not inherently better or worse than one another, all of them have specific end results and you have to know what finish each product will give before using it. Pencil is great for filling and refining the brows with very precise and hair like strokes. Powder makes your brow look fuller, more dense, and shapely/defined because it creates a shadow on the skin beneath the hair of the brow. Gel products are useful for holding the hair strands in place and, if tinted gel products are used, they could also define your brows subtly giving them a little extra oomph. However, your best bet at getting a Tumblr-esque brow is with a pencil eyebrow product although you could also use gel products every now and then for a somewhat similar look.

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