Province 4 proposes salaries and allowances for officials

Published On: March 27, 2018 05:00 AM NPT By: SANTOSH POKHAREL AND BISHAN KSHETRI

Ward members, too, to get a monthly salary  
POKHARA, March 27: In a provincial assembly meeting held on Monday, Province 4 proposed the monthly salaries and other perks for the chief minister (CM), speaker, deputy-speaker, ministers and office-bearers of the local units.  
As mentioned in the proposal, the CM will get a monthly salary of Rs 60,960, besides other allowances.  Likewise, a monthly salary of Rs 52,000 for the ministers, 49,000 for the state ministers and Rs 46,000 for assistant ministers was proposed in the assembly. The CM and other ministers will also be provided with residents. Hari Bahadur Chuman, Minister for the Internal Affairs and Law of Province 4 presented the proposal in the meeting.

If ministers choose to stay in private residences, they will have to be provided with a total amount of Rs 150,000 for repair and maintenance while the state and assistant ministers will receive Rs 125,000 each for the same purpose. They will also receive Rs 25,000 per month for residential expenses. Besides that, if the government fails to manage furniture for them, each minister will be provided with Rs 100,000 in total, according to the proposal.

Furthermore, the proposal says that the government should provide 250 liters of petrol to the CM and 150 liters to other ministers per month. And the state and assistant ministers will get 125 liters of petrol a month.  It has also been proposed that the CM will receive Rs 5,000 and the other ministers will receive Rs 2,000 as communication expenses. 

Moreover, the province has proposed a salary of Rs 53,000 for the speaker and Rs 50,000 for the leaders of the opposition parties and the deputy speaker. The presidents of the thematic committees have been proposed a monthly salary of Rs 49,000 each and that for the advisors and members is Rs 46,000 and Rs 45, 000 respectively. All members will receive an allowance of Rs 750 per meeting, according to the proposal.
It has also been mentioned that the government will manage the residence for the speaker and deputy speaker while the others will be provided with Rs 15,000 as residential allowances. They too will receive Rs 50, 000 in total for five years to buy furniture. Also, the speaker should be provided with Rs 2,500 and other members 2,000 as daily allowance during visits.

The province has also proposed the salary of officials of the District Coordination Committee. As per which the chairperson and vice-chairperson of the committee will be paid monthly salaries of Rs 40,000 and Rs 30,000 respectively. And the members of the committee will receive Rs 8,000 each per month.

The province also proposed the salaries and allowances for the members of the local units. A monthly payment of Rs 45,000 for the mayor, Rs 40,000 for the deputy mayor, and Rs 25,000 each for the ward chiefs and Rs 8,000 has been proposed for the members of the metropolises. Likewise, the province has proposed a monthly salary of Rs 35,000 for the mayor, Rs 30,000 for the deputy mayor, Rs 20,000 for the ward chief and Rs 7,000 for each ward member of the municipalities.
In the same way, Rs 31,000 for the chairperson of the rural municipalities , Rs 26,000 for the vice chairperson, Rs 18,000 each for the ward chiefs and Rs 6,000 each for the members of the ward have been proposed.
 "This is just a draft. It is yet to be finalized," said provincial member Krishna Thapa.  Discussions will be held in the assembly on the proposal,” said Law Minister Chuman. "The members of the local units have been working without a pay for more than ten months. So, we had to include them in the proposal," he added.

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