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Published On: February 16, 2018 02:23 PM NPT By: Ashma Chhetri

Started as a casual gathering of a handful of passionate bikers, Riders Unified today serves as a recognized platform for people sharing a common interest of the thrilling sport, biking. This vibrant group, with 400 registered members, and more than a thousand trainees, seeks to promote freestyle riding in Nepal along with road safety.

“We are a team of professional bike riders and stuntmen promoting motorcycle sport among all enthusiasts through our road safety programs, stunts, group rides and race trainings, and events at both national and international level,” says Merina Shrestha, team manager of Riders Unified.

In Nepal, where the society is still deeply skeptical about non-academic careers, it is obvious for people to consider biking not as a profession but just a mere craze of the young riled by aggression and courage. Unwanted road accidents making headlines every day due to amateur stuntmen and racers bring about more difficulties in convincing people to pursue such a field as bike riding. Thus, understanding the need to tackle these issues, a group of motorcycle sports enthusiasts and riders got together to bring about positive changes in this field. 

Initially, till 2006, the group took part in various motorbike stunt events and practiced racing on their own. They began searching for other bike enthusiasts to expand their team. Finally, after a long phase of struggle, in 2011, they were legally registered as Riders Unified and also got affiliated with National Sports Council and Nepal Automobiles Association as one of the professional motorsports teams in Nepal. 

Since its inception, Riders Unified has been focusing on its primary goal of building a riding brotherhood and pure motorsport platform for everyone despite their gender or age group. To promote the involvement of women in motorsport, they have been organizing various special programs like the Ladies Riders Ride and Stunt Show and Female Ride Day to name a few. This has led them to win various prizes, including first and second place under the Women’s Category race in Racemandu. Owing to the encouragement of lady riders in Nepal, they have also been honored with Women Empowerment Awards.

Apart from that, the team also focuses on establishing safe and systematic ride culture in Nepal by producing responsible riders. For this, they have been organizing various stunts and racing training at different places of Nepal like Lalitpur, Beni, Mugu, and a regular Saturday workshop at Chobar, Kathmandu. Shrestha recalls one of their huge projects ‘Saturday Ride Nepal’, where they rode around the city to make young motorists aware about safe riding and the importance of maintaining lane discipline.

In order to execute their program and events effectively, the team receives event sponsorship from different companies and organizations. Apart from that, they also collect registration and training fees from their members. However, Shrestha assures that all these funds are utilized for the growth and development of the biking community and culture. 

It doesn’t matter if you are a professional stuntman or just a regular biker, you can always be a part of their team. All you need are a valid driving license and a bike or a scooter. Riders Unified might just be the platform where you can hone and showcase your riding skills.  

(Ashma Chhetri)

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