Valentine's date cheat sheet

Published On: February 9, 2018 11:55 AM NPT By: The Week Bureau

Yes, expect The Week to have your back. We wanted to catch you before you crumbled under the weight of expectations. Because if you are in a relationship, of course, you realize that we have hit February but there’s no need to be stressed out. Relax.

The thought of Valentine’s Day, after all, is supposed to make you feel all warm and cozy at the idea of spending time with your favorite company. It’s not supposed to make you feel sick with nerves. However, if you are still uncertain about your ability to pull together a memorable February the 14th this year, allow us to introduce you to our little cheat sheet.

An impressive Valentine’s Day entails good planning and locating great date options, so we scoured the capital for you. Personally we say chuck the cards and chocolates aside, put in the effort to make good memories. Whether you celebrate the day on Feb 14th itself or schedule it later during the weekend when neither of you will have to work, these should prove to be interesting dates.

Paint it red, literally
This isn’t only for art majors if the idea of playing with colors and learning how to make art together with coffee and cookies or even cocktails (your choice) whilst some good music plays in the background appeals to you and your date. And even a love for stick figure drawing will work. All you have to do is head to House of Palettes, on the premises of Evoke Café & Bistro in Jhamsikhel, Lalitpur.

At the House of Palettes, you only pay for the canvas. You can choose a size you like (an average sized canvas goes for Rs 1,500) and then you can take all the time you want and use all the materials you require for free. There will even be a professional artist there to guide you through your creation. They cater to all levels, whether you are a beginner, intermediate or an advance level art enthusiast. So you don’t need to have any reservations about not being able to paint. Also did we mention drinks and music?  

Swing to the beat
It’s a fact, you simply can’t go wrong with a dance date.  However, we aren’t referring to clubs – we mean real dancing. Try out a dance class with your date and make it an experience for the both of you.

And this is a good time too for you to try out a dance class because a new style has been enthralling people around town. In case you didn’t know, a quick search of Swing Dance Kathmandu on Facebook will provide you with all the necessary details.

The group has been inviting people to come and swing dance with them and, by the looks of it, the dance classes/parties at The House of Music, Thamel has been living up to the hype.

Spurge on a spa day
Each couple has different personalities and while some might prefer messing about with colors or sweating and swinging to jazz grooves of 1920s, some might very well appreciate just being able to lie down and have somebody massage the stress out of their tired bodies.

Actually, think about it, has your partner been overworked or overstressed of late? Because in that case, spa couples package vouchers might be just the right Valentine’s Day gift. Kathmandu obviously has many options if you are looking for a good massage and pampering. You could call them beforehand and make appointments. If you like, many spa centers will even arrange for the two of you to get the chosen treatments together.

Belt out a tune or two
Yes, we are pitching Karaoke as well. With so many options around town, you might as well make the most of it. We would recommend taking your other couple friends along with you as well. What better day to belt out those classic love duets than on Valentine’s Day? If you are thinking it’s going to be a corny affair, then that’s the whole point. You can laugh about it later. We guarantee it will be oodles of fun. 

Grand screening of your favorite movie
Now there are a couple of materials you will have to ready to set up this date. We suggest a warm blanket, some fluffy, comfortable cushions, lots of snacks (have it home delivered), and lastly, a projector. You can probably guess where we are heading with this one.

Whether you have a projector or plan to borrow it from work or friends, it’s a classic date idea. Snuggling while enjoying your favorite movie or TV series on a big DIY screen is always romantic. And since it is Valentine’s Day, you might want to upscale the setting a little more, think along the lines of bonfire, wine, chocolate desserts – basically anything that makes it nice and cozy.

Investing in a good deed
It’s only natural for one to prepare gifts for their valentine. But what if, rather than jewelry or flowers, you did something nice. A thoughtful gesture is sure to earn you extra brownie points. So think, there is still some time left. Consider how you can add an extra generous personal touch to your Valentine’s Day gift.

Animal Nepal, for instance, has been encouraging people to adopt street puppies. If your partner is a dog lover and looking for one, you might as well make it a day and visit their shelter in Chobhar, Lalitpur. Since their priority is to find a family for the puppies, the organization isn’t even asking for money. You will have to visit them though to get all the necessary information.  

There are many other similar good deeds that the two of you can help out with to make it a worthy valentine’s day for yourselves. Try sponsoring a child’s education for a year, or committing to feeding some stray dogs one meal a day – all in the name of love. 

Play up the mystery
There are bound to be many Valentine events around town this year as well. But if you want to attend something a little more different than a place with just live music and food, a masquerade party might just be up your ally. 

What’s more, this isn’t only for couples. Even single people can join in on the fun and, maybe who knows, get themselves a date too. Cliff Restro and Bar in Lalitpur Mall is opening up their terrace for the party. They will apparently supply the mysterious masks for those looking as well so you don’t have to worry about that. They are even hosting games, fashion shows, and giving out prizes so grab a ticket. The masquerade party starts at three in the afternoon and shall go on throughout the night till 10pm. Those looking for more information can find it on Valentine Mask Party 2018, their Facebook page.

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