Maintaining those curls

February 2, 2018 07:39 AM The Week Bureau

When it comes to curly hair, the internet is filled with so many do’s and don’ts that it’s really hard to figure out which tip to follow and which to ignore. While the right method can help you maintain big, bouncy curls and make you look like you have just stepped out of a salon, following a wrong tip will have people thinking that even basic things like shampooing and conditioning are alien concepts to you. To sort that out, beautician Jamuna Gurung guides us on the correct way of taking care of curly hair. 

Do not comb dry hair
Curly hair is naturally dry and brittle and if you comb it when it’s dry it will turn frizzy and you will be left with hair that, to be honest, looks like a bird’s nest. So never ever comb your hair when it’s dry. If you absolutely have to, try making it a little wet before you run a comb through it. You can sprinkle some water or use some hair potion. Another thing is that when you comb dry curly hair, you will lose the natural coil formation of your curls and it will have a weird not wavy-not curly-not straight texture that you will not want to deal with. 

Avoid blow-drying
Curly hair is best kept in shape if it is air-dried. Just let mother nature work her magic. That’s the best way to let your curls retain its natural shape and luster. However, if you are in a hurry and have to speed up the drying process, attach a diffuser to the nozzle of the blow dryer. This helps keep the frizz that you would get from a blow dry to a minimum while also adding some volume to the roots of your hair.

Wash every three to four days
We have already established that curly hair is naturally dry. So you should avoid washing it every single day because that just strips the already scarce natural oil from your hair and further dries out your hair making it frizzy and unmanageable. The ideal thing to do here is wash your hair every three to four days. You could also try co-washing. Co-washing means applying conditioner to wet hair on days you do not use shampoo.

Start from the bottom
Anyone with curly hair knows the struggle of untangling it. If you think untangling straight hair is bothersome, untangling curly hair is a straight up nightmare. So the trick here is to start the untangling process from the tip of your hair and gradually working your way up. This way, when you get to the top of your hair, it is extremely easy to untangle it and it will not form a huge knot. Another handy tip would be to use a de-tangler which simplifies the task even more.

Layer up
A blunt cut does not go well with curly hair especially if your hair is long. A blunt cut will make you look like you have a triangle-shaped head because the top of the hair stays flat and the bottom poofs out. So always cut your hair in layers as this defines your curls more and you will not have a hairstyle that spreads out from your head and shoulders making your hair look unmanaged and untidy. 

Swap the fabrics
It would be a good idea to replace your regular towel with a microfiber one and your cotton pillowcase with a satin or silk one. When you rub your hair with a regular cotton towel, it frizzes your hair more. This problem can easily be taken care of by using a microfiber towel. Similarly, when you sleep cotton pillowcase pulls at your hair resulting in, again, frizzy and puffy hair the next morning and quite a few hair strands over the pillowcase as well. To solve this problem, simply swap the cotton pillowcase with silk or satin ones.

Moisturize! Moisturize! Moisturize!
Curly hair seriously lacks the natural oil that your hair produces as compared to straight hair. However, the good part is that you don’t have to deal with oily and greasy scalp very often. The bad part is that this is the cause of every single hair problem you will face – from dandruff to roughness and lack of shine. So your best bet is to moisturize your hair every chance you get. Try deep conditioning, oiling your hair, or using hair masks at least once a week. Also, never skip applying conditioner to your hair after you shampoo. No matter how hard pressed for time you might be, this should be the one hair care regime you would never ignore.  

Get a trim regularly
Curly hair is more prone to rough and split ends than straight hair (again with the whole dry thing). You will get split ends very often and your ends will tend to look washed out and lifeless. The good thing is that this is easy to fix. Get a hair trim every month or so. You don’t need to worry about that shortening your hair length. Simply have your hairdresser chop off the dry and unruly ends and you are good to go. Additionally, trimming also helps keep those layers in check.

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