7 yummy snacks for weight loss

Published On: January 11, 2018 11:21 AM NPT By: Agencies

Loading your plate with fresh fruits and vegetables is a given fact of clean eating. Not only does it help in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and losing weight but provides you with essential nutrients as well. But what if we tell you that there are certain snacks that you love and they also aid weight loss? Well, thank us later.

So, here's the list of weight loss snacks that are healthy and would also satisfy your taste buds.


Whenever you crave for something sweet, rather than munching on cookies or sweets, eat one or two squares of dark chocolate. According to studies, foods with strong flavours satiate your taste buds faster.


Pistachios are packed with proteins and healthy fats. Studies say that eating pistachios helps you stay fuller for a longer period. They taste good and are lower in calorie count. Have them when you crave for snacks instead of stuffing yourself with unhealthy junks.


Their salty and crispier taste wouldn’t let you crave for unhealthy packs of chips and cookies. Roasted chickpeas are loaded with protein and fibre. Prefer eating chickpeas that are roasted in healthy oil like olive oil. You can prepare them at your home too.


What can be more healthy and nutritious than a bowl of oats? Its protein content and fibre help you stay fuller for a long time. So, in between your meals, you can have a small bowl of oats.


This power snack will also keep you fuller for a long haul. It has protein and essential nutrients which are necessary for your body’s functioning.


Hummus contains good carbs and protein that also satiates your taste buds. Prepare it at your home for that healthy touch instead of buying it from outside.


  A small bowl of yoghurt in between your meals is another great option. Yoghurt provides calcium and fibre and is also healthy for your gut. Its probiotic content keeps your gut healthy and your digestion system intact.



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