Oh Clarice!

January 11, 2018 09:59 AM Pratik Mainali

The air was filled with the sweet scent of nature and the forest was so very peaceful. The richness of the air flew to our nostrils and filled our hearts and lungs with awe and wonder of the nature that surrounded us. The fresh breeze whistled swiftly to our direction and whipped at our faces- mocking us.

The giant hills evenly hung over and around us blocking the warmth passed by the golden sun.
Upon the soft, green grass, beneath the shadows of the monstrous tree, sat Clarice. On Clarice’s lap rested my weary head. Her hands were softly caressing my hair and my face. And her lips were pursed together- as she was whispering to me that I needed to regain courage “You are a man, Tony. You need to get yourself together. What will I do if not for you?” “I am fine, my sweet Clarice. I am but a little worn out.”

From her lips oozed the juice of youth, I stretched my hand, brushed her lips with my thumb and sucked it while giving her a penetrating gaze. “You’re delicious you know that Clarice?” I would say gently. And then she’d blush and her cheeks would go suddenly red. Her eyes were now fixed upon the pond before us. “Look at that, Tony. Look at us,” her voice filled with excitement.

I lifted my head from her lap and then leaned closer. The pond was calm. Like a mirror. And that mirror showed our faces. So clearly and vividly. I pulled Clarice by the hand and leaned further into the pond. We looked so vibrant so young our faces glowing together dancing with the movement of the stream. A perfect couple.

My eyes were now fixed on Clarice’s face. I tried to speak but the breath stuck in my throat. She had an arresting face, her lips were ripe and juicy, and her silky auburn hair made me feel giddy in my stomach.

The curls of her hair rested on the dimples of her milky white cheeks- she lifted it with her fingers and it went flying back. Her face looked so pure and innocent. Then she ran her hands on her hair and blushed as I gave her a playful nod. Suddenly a wave came gushing and washed our feet with one flush.

We moved back with my hand around her tenderly stroking her cheek. The trees above us were rustling in a passionate frenzy- reminding us of our youth. The sun was sinking on the nest of clouds over the hills. The clouds were covering the sky steadily and we were hurrying back to our warm camp.

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