Winter styling

Published On: January 5, 2018 12:20 PM NPT By: Swasti Gautam

We all know its difficult to stay stylish yet comfortable during winter. Many find it difficult, if not next to impossible, to master the art of layering. But you just need some basics to look stylish and be comfy at the same time during these harsh winter months.

The Week caught up with fashion blogger Sagarika Malla to find out some really cool ideas to look fashionable and stay comfortable as the mercury drops this season. 

Fuzzy pink

You can add a cozy vibe to your winter look by throwing on an oversized coat. The soft material of your coat will make you feel comfortable and confident. The perfect way to sport a colored coat is to team it with classic black skirt and a black high neck. A pair of knee high boots will keep you warm as well as make a style statement. 

To pull the look together, add a matching scarf and a belt. If you wish to accessorize more, add a pair of of hoops as well. Let your makeup be minimal and neutral. 

Lax winter coat: Rs 4000 

Black forever 21 skirt: Rs 2000

Knee high boots: Models’ own

The perfect snug style

Do you wish to look attractive without any effort this season? Just throwing a fur jacket on top of your normal outfit will do the trick. Faux fur can make you look extremely fashionable and there are various ways to incorporate this garment into your wardrobe. The most classic way to do it is obviously with a coat. The best part about this jacket is that it is warm, cozy and classy. You can also style your fur coat with plaid skirts. When you are wearing a dramatic fur coat, make sure you stick to neutral colors such as white, grey, black or brown. To complete your look, add some knee high boots. 

White faux fur: Rs 11500

Plaid skirt: Rs 2890 

Knee high boots: Models’ own

Denim forever

Always keep a denim jacket in your wardrobe as it is a very versatile piece. It is also perfect for almost every occasion. We all know embroidery is back in fashion and famous brands like Gucci have displayed embroidered denim jackets on their runways. So this winter you can flaunt your colorful denims by pairing them with black woolen pants, basic nude turtleneck and a pair of nude boots. This look is comfortable and easy to pull off. You can also style this look with a beret to be warm and voguish. 

Denim jacket: Rs 3500 

Boots: Rs 4000

Black woolen pants: Rs 1500 

Floral colors 

You can brighten up your winter wardrobe by adding some floral prints. Floral is no longer synonymous with summer fashion. Avoid your normal boring coat and try dark blooms and floral prints this winter. You can make your floral trench coat stand out with a neutral colored dress, a pair of nude boots, and black stocking to keep yourself warm. 

Floral trench coat: Rs 4000

Nude dress: Rs 2000

Nude boots: Rs 4000

Basics covered 

If you do not like investing in winter clothing but you want to look presentable at all times, buy a black overcoat. It is an extremely versatile piece and can be worn in many different ways. It is elegant for night parties and casual enough to wear with simple sweaters during the day. This basic overcoat in a must have in the winter season. To look chic and classy you can wear a pair of basic nude pants and complete the ensemble. Shades such as olive green will add some color and brightness to your outfit. This look goes perfectly with classic back ankle boots and a sling bag.  

Black overcoat: Rs 5000

Green high neck: Rs 2000

Black boots: Rs 4000 

Bold and formal

If you want to make your formal wear more attractive, just add a pop of color to it. Incorporating a bright color in your classic look will give you an edge over others. Bright blue formal pants can be quirky yet formal and bold. Underneath your formal pants you can wear thick leg warmers. This will keep you comfy and warm this season. Also, ditch your formal black blazer for a black leather jacket. To add an extra oomph to your outfit, you can pair it with a pair of nude boots and a nude turtleneck as well. 

Blue formal pants: Rs 2000

Black leather jacket: Rs 4000

Nude turtleneck: Rs 2500 


Pro tips 

During winter, invest in a few classic statement pieces like coats and boots. Adding black or neutral colored items to your wardrobe is the best way to go about it. These colors can be versatile as you can pair them with a lot of different colors and patterns. 

Furthermore, winter is the time to wear dark and neutral colors. But do not stick to an all black outfit. Add winter colors like blue, emerald green, burgundy, or grey to your wardrobe. Mix and match some of your summer clothes with winter boots, sweaters, and coats. This is a great way to create a unique look.  

Layering is extremely essential during this season and it can be made fun as well. The best way to go about it is by wearing sweaters or high necks under your coat. You must make sure that your outermost layer is the longest one. If you intend to wear a dress, wear warmers underneath and throw on an overcoat or a jacket on top. Another important thing to keep in mind while layering is the proportion. Use warm garments instead of trying to heat your body with too many extra fabrics. 

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