Namrata’s Fragrance of Life II

January 2, 2018 11:44 AM Republica

Artist Namrata Singh’s second solo painting exhibition ‘Fragrance of Life II’ is underway at the Newa Chhen Gallery, Patan since December 16, 2017. 

The exhibition features Singh’s works where she has explored humans’ undying wishes and desires, and has painted her life experiences under the themes of happiness, sadness and love. Through the use of motifs of man, woman, swan and lotus, among others, she has created exuberant paintings with vibrant hues of blue, green, red and pink. 

The paintings are unique in style with a mixture of Mithila and modern arts showcasing life as a whole. As human faces carry happy expressions despite having a gloomy side, Singh has cleverly depicted the other side with the use of Mithila technique. She has shown the side profile of humans for expression and the other half is painted black to denote sadness.

Through her paintings, Singh has also depicted that it depends on oneself or one’s attitude about what to embrace in life—happiness or sadness and it is only a matter of choice. In one of her paintings, she has created a man with a flute while he is surrounded by women who are bewitched with his music. The characters’ clothing style depicts the cultural dress of Mithila region. 

Like her first solo exhibition held in January 2017, her second exhibit is an extension of optimism and positivity. The exhibition that explores the beauty of life is slated to continue till January 31. 

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