Murder in the woods

January 1, 2018 08:11 AM Pratik Mainali

Rohan pulled the trigger. The bullet burst out from the gun at the speed of 200m/h. Tore through the shoulder of Kamal, and was entrenched to the wall of the cave.  The gunshot reverberated across the forest. They birds flew to the sky. 

Kamal shrieked in anguish until his lungs grew short of air. He waved his hands wildly and then ran away mindlessly. As he was running away he felt a jolt on his back and he lurched to the ground.  The leaves below him cracked as his body fell on them. 

The effect was prompt and horrific. In his ringing ears he could hear the thunderous sound of a gunshot. He tried to get up but his body slumped in. Within minutes his limbs were rigid and his body cold. 

Twenty meters away Rohan glanced at his gun and gave a wicked smile. A smile that stretched his lips across his cheeks and he narrowed his brows. A smile that made his eyes gleam and comforted his cold dead heart. 

He calmly walked towards the rigid body of Kamal. He carefully put on a glove- took out plastic bag and leaned to the rigid body of Kamal and felt his pulse. Barely perceptible- not completely dead, but will surely die. 

What a pity, thought Rohan. He was going to die a slow excruciating death. Let me end his suffering, he thought. One final favor.  He stretched his gun from a safe distance and blew the back of Kamal’s head.  

Rohan leaned closer and he meticulously took out the bullet from the back and head. Meticulously, splendidly and methodically. Job done! 

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