Hope Regained

January 1, 2018 08:06 AM ADISH KARKI

A beginning and an end
Everything is composed of this trend.
365 days ago a dawn arrived
We did hope all the negativity to be contrived.

The same hope has surged up today
With a new dawn lightning ocean and thundering subway
All Homo sapiens have regained their stardust hope

With courage in their fist, they’re ready to mount a new slope
And resolutions quilting the mind all have grown bold
‘Change is awaiting us,’ they all told
What had happened is now the past
The invincible hope will illuminate a new cast.

A paradise will erupt with everyone smiling big
And everybody’s regained hope against the obstructed path will zig.
This year will certainly innovate something remarkable
Making every prospect progress-shielded and sustainable.

Adish Karki is a Grade X student at Sathya Sai Shiksha Sadan, Tokha. 

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