New Year is calling

December 31, 2017 12:23 PM Sonam Lama

Every New Year calls for an uncertain beginning. Though we may witness unpredictable mounts and bents throughout the year, we harbor the idea of welcoming every forthcoming beginning with much anticipation and excitement. With 2018 just around the corner, we have fastened our belts to explore the uncertainties that the new beginning would set forth. 
Celebrations, making plans and resolution being the significant facet of welcoming the New Year, My City’s Sonam Lama talked to a few personalities from different fraternities to know about their New Year plans, resolutions and works that they have been looking forward in 2018.

Min Bahadur Bham Director
Whenever I am with my father and family, every day becomes an occasion of celebration for me. Talking about welcoming 2018, every New Year brings double celebration for me as I will also be celebrating my birthday on the very day with my father and the rest of my family members. I have a list of resolutions to make this year, and I hope to abide by the rules that I have set for myself. I am used to meditating, so I am planning to double my time for meditation and initiate activities to cultivate my peace of mind. To quit smoking can be a challenge, but I am preparing myself to overcome that challenge. Currently, I am busy in developing my film titled ‘Chiso Barsa’ (A Year of Cold) which will be released in 2018.

Barsha Shiwakoti Actor
I am planning to celebrate this New Year with my friends as I have cancelled all other work plans that day. Starting the year with celebrating togetherness, I look forward to meeting new people from different walks of life. As I prefer going with the flow, I don’t plan on taking up resolution. However, I am planning to make trips to the US and Europe for shooting. For now, I am eagerly waiting for the release of ‘Bhaire’ which is a comedy movie releasing in 2018. Similarly, I am also looking forward to working on a romantic movie ‘Rani Mahal’ the next year.

Yubi Thapa, Fashion Designer
For me, every celebration includes friends and family, and this year is no different. I am planning to mark this New Year by being surrounded with people who are close to my heart. I hope and will attempt to expand my designs this coming year. I have been working to establish my designs by opening the Yubi Collection Store in Thamel. I also successfully hosted the first launch of my designs, and I will launch my new designs for the second time in the UK and Hong Kong in 2018. Moreover, as I am leading the designing team of the movie ‘Intu Mintu London Ma’, I also have plans to fly to the UK for shoot in March next year.

Gyanendra Malla, National Cricketer
Since I have been busy practicing for the national matches, I have not yet made any plans to celebrate New Year 2018. However, if I do, I will probably celebrate it at home with my family and friends. I prefer making plans and schedule for upcoming tournaments, but when it comes to keeping resolutions, I don’t believe in the concept. This year, the national cricket team is preparing for national and international tournaments, and is dedicated to score more runs for the country. 

Shreya Sotang Singer
New year 2018 would be quite different as I will be performing at a show to be held in New Year’s Eve at Soaltee Westend Premier, Nepalgunj. I am not used to making resolutions because I am more of a making-plans-and-bringing-them-into-effect kind of person. For 2018, I have a few plans while for the meantime, I am working on a music video that is soon to get released on the second week of January, 2018.

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