Souls of my city

A shout-out to graceful souls

December 31, 2017 09:45 AM Republica

‘Souls of My City’ is a section that features people who in various ways contribute in keeping the city moving. Despite varying ages, professions, genders, and hometowns, these people have played their roles under several adverse circumstances to make a living in the capital city, somehow also contributing to the wellbeing of others. Throughout 2017, our readers have related with and shared the emotions of those who were featured in this section. Following were the most shared and celebrated ‘souls’ of 2017.

Decades of Dedication
Shakuntala, 53, has been selling three sacks of corn every day for 20-years now. Her daily routine involves visiting the Kalimati vegetable market early in the morning in order to buy raw corn for cheap. After collecting corn, she settles down at her corner at Baher Mahal Height in the afternoon and treats her customers. She still has the enthusiasm to get up early in the morning to support her business. 

I have a dream
Bidyut Timalsina is just 17 years old, and has been residing in Kathmandu for four months now. He joined the Kathmandu University School of Management as a security guard only 10 days ago. He passed his SLC (now SEE) in the year 2073 and says he has no plans to continue his study as of now. He has four siblings. He is staying here with his elder sister in Pepsicola, while his younger sisters live with his parents in Kavrepalanchok. Bidyut works 12 hours a day and says he doesn’t get much time to socialize. He adds, “I want to learn driving as I have a dream to own a car someday. I will take my parents out for a ride in that car and give buy them a home here.” For him, happiness is about seeing his loved ones smile and he wishes to live a happy life.

Being own boss
Fourty-nine –year- old, Lakhpa Dorjee Tamang lives in Indrachowk, working as a porter. He is originally from Rasuwa. Thirty years ago Lakhpa came to the city of dreams—Kathmandu-- with an aim to do business and earn for his living. He started to sell clothes along with his business partners. However, his dreams shattered as his partners betrayed him where he lost all his money that turned him to who he is today. He loves his freedom and does not like to be under someone. He says. “I choose to be a porter cause I am my own boss and if I don’t feel like working I can just go to my room and sleep. I rather not eat for a day than living under someone else’s money. Due to my old age these day I have to choose what to carry and what not. Live is hard but I am doing enough for my survival and I am happy with that.” 

Flag Man
Laxmi Narayan Shilpakar (62) wakes up every morning, walks from his resident in Kalimati and travels along the streets of Kathmandu Valley. Unknowingly, he shouldered the responsibility to increase the love for our national flag among the Kathmanduities. He doesn’t work for money, rather his love for the nation. He wants the Nepali youth to acknowledge the importance of nationality. Also known as ‘Flag Man’, Shilpakar has already been to all 75 districts of Nepal to spread the word of nationality and wants to take it international. Before he started carrying flag, he had worked as a carpenter and has been involved with several organizations.

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