Love and life are confusing

December 28, 2017 12:18 PM Moin Uddin

I wonder why blood relations turn sour with time. Why do we become bitter for family and sweet for friends? What turns out in between early ages of growing up when love is shared to its fullest and later it turns out into bitterness without us even realizing.

Why do family members think that there is no hope to revive a member if he/she chooses to be with the love of their choice? I have seen many families splitting from the inside although they try to pretend like everything is all right in front of the world. All families are hurt by one or the other family members. 

I have a friend whose uncle turned everything into ashes. They had a house of their own, a wonderful family to share the love and affection, but with time, the cruel and stupid behavior of his uncle made everyone suffer. They had to sell their house to pay the debts. Living in rent and struggling monthly to pay the interest. Moreover, his dad suffered from a nervous breakdown; my friend did his best to look after his ailing dad, but couldn’t save him. 

Several other struggles followed my friend after the demise of his father. But he kept on fighting daily to meet his family’s needs. Now after years of struggle, not being able to earn enough money to look after his family, he is leaving the house with lots of burdens that are put heavily on him to see the pastures in Dubai. I wonder, had his uncle been not cruel with his stupid deeds, all would have been fine. 

I’ve seen lots of parents suffering so badly by the deeds of their children and also seen children suffering due to their parents. Why cannot people understand the simple logic of happiness that a family desires? What’s a big deal just to follow the norms of love and give it to the family? We give all our love to our friends and life partners, but why can’t we share the same unconditional love with our own family? 

I am not saying that we should not love others, but first priority should be given to our family. There might be some reason, there might be some concerns, and there might be some missing love that we are not being able to see it in our own people. I have never understood why people cheat on their partners. Be it a girl or a boy, they find comfort in others’ lives and pain in theirs. Why? 



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