Reflecting on 2017 achievements

December 27, 2017 09:39 AM Sonam Lama

Success is an abstract concept that comes with some subjective associations. Some people associate success with wealth and fame, and others with their career growth. Either way, a person’s success can be determined on the surface by looking over their journey and what they have earned as well as learned so far. Many-a-time we are adamantly advised to look forward and work for the future, but it is always a wise thought to look back once in a while to observe how much you have progressed. 

As we near the end of 2017, reflecting back is a natural thing to do. My City's Sonam Lama asked a few people what they have achieved or learned so far this year. 

Saujan Subedi, Business student

At the end of the year, I am humbled by the achievements and success that 2017 brought to me. I find myself ready to bid adieu to the past year with gratitude, and start again for further endeavors. Thinking of 2017, I recall numerous moments filled with joy and triumph. I visited numerous places collecting memories and experiences. I also completed my college with good grades. My most remarkable achievement in 2017 is scoring 7.5 in my IELTS test. I am looking forward to many more opportunities and experiences in 2018.

Anuradha Ghale, Make-up artist

When I reflect back on 2017, I come across many changes that have shaped my life in various ways. I started my online business ‘Make Me Pretty’ this year. I am currently working as a freelance make-up artist. Since my works have been appreciated by the clients, I am now thinking of opening a beauty parlor in some months. I have been working as a freelance make-up artist four years now, but 2017 has been the most memorable year for me. 

Mingmar Sherpa, Monk at Thrangu Monastery, Boudha

I think my most especial achievement this year is that I got promoted to a new monastery. Moving to a new place has given me the opportunity to learn the art of meditation from experienced teachers and make new friends. I am also starting my journey to national and international monasteries in a week, so this would be one of the biggest achievements that I have gained so far this year.

Shirish Bohara, MBBS graduate

The year 2017 comes to me as a relief and brings new aspirations in my long academic life. After having spent more than half a decade in medical school, I successfully completed my MBBS. This achievement significantly aids my efforts toward being a doctor. The year 2017 thus has marked itself as an important year in my life. With the end of the year and having completed my course, I feel a sense of accomplishment and gratefulness. I’m looking up to the New Year with motivated spirit and expect a year with new challenges as well as achievements.

Santa Raj Adhikari, Bookseller

This year my journey as a parent has been progressive. Both of my sons, who are studying in Grade VIII and BSc 1st year, have scored better grades in their studies. I count this to be my biggest achievement this year. Besides that, I have been trying out my best to expand my business. I previously sold books, newspapers, journals and magazines, but now I have started selling winter clothes and it has ensured my financial progress. This year has been fruitful as I take a closer look at my journey.

Laxmi Gharti Magar, MHM student

I weigh my achievement through my class and study performance. I have not yet started working and am currently studying (MHM) Master’s in Hotel Management. When I was in my second year in 2016, my grades were not as satisfying as this year. Similarly, I have tried to experience new things and take risks to overcome some of the fears that I’ve had. At the end of this year, I realize that I have grown to become a social and outspoken person.

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