Sitting by the fire

December 20, 2017 09:16 AM Dipendra Thapa

The best part of winter is sitting by the fire in the evenings and mornings to warm ourselves up. Moreover, fire in winter brings people (who are secluded and prefers to live life hanging with technology in solitude) closer. Not to mention, living in the same room, my brother and I were isolated because of technology, cell phone in particular, but fire is what brought us together and made us sit by it and converse. Not only are we, our friends who were busy following their ambition and were hard to meet also were brought together by the fire. 

Almost every object expands upon the influence of heat, but fire contracted us in a circle, both literally and figuratively. However, we are still not able to get rid of technology. We circle the fire and start the battle in our cell phone: mini-militia. I must say technology is a boon not bane as it is helping us to live an awesome life in every walk. Moreover, we share personal stories, anecdotes, crake jokes, and laugh.With a pleasant music in the background, we share our plan, discuss ambition, create problems and solve them. If one is extrovert enough then would talk about his affairs and say how hard it was to woe her, what limit has he crossed yet, and so on. Sometimes, in the middle, the same old joke blasts out: look, the smoke is blowing towards him meaning he pees in the way.

Amidst the fun, there always rolls a problem: problem of firewood. Who would go to search and collect firewood? Who would like to miss the casting or climax of others’ love affairs and plunge in the cold? Nevertheless, bringing firewood turn-by-turn works, but I lost the game just by two ‘kills’in mini-militia yesterday because I was compelled to go and bring dried maize stems to keep the fire. 


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