My Passion to Read

December 7, 2017 08:42 AM Sudarshan Rokaya

My passion to read
It makes me believe that we are the future seed
Of our beloved nation
For which I bestow love heed.

But sometimes it makes me stressed
And bogs my mind
In a way it lefts me thinking
Whether to laugh or cry
In a sense it’s this entire burden namely study!

I just wonder what will happen
If there was no study, not a bit of it
Which would free me from this stress
And let me peace fully remain in full solace

Oh God, take me out of this burden
Just show me the way
Or for once listen to my wish
So that I could be hopeful
To experience a bit of peace.

I expect my request to be felt
Or quickly expect to get out of this hell
O Lord, grant me such a boon
I will be free
Not quick but very soon.

Sudarshan is a Grade VII student at Sathya Sai Shiksha Sadan, Tokha. 

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