Province and local levels are independent from center: Balananda Paudel

December 6, 2017 17:22 PM

Balananda Paudel-led Local Level Restructuring Commission (LLRC) had recommended the government to allocate the number of local levels to five hundred. However, the commission was compelled to revise the number twice; firstly 719 and later on 753. Paudel, in other hands, is still in his stance to minimize the number and stress on the merger process depending upon the work and service. He opined that the recommendation of the commission is the practical one regarding the economic and social aspects.

Speaking with Shree Ram Paudel on regular program Nagarik Manch of Radio Nagarik, LLRC chief Balananda Paudel said that province and local levels are independent from the center. However, he is discontent over the delay on acceptance their existence. He believes that the feature of the federalism is to coordinate with each other accepting their existence.

Stating that the governing bodies have started working at the public level following the implementation of the federal system. He, however, concerned over the rise on the expenditure that the country has to bear. He said that if the political parties will move on with the spirit of federalism, then it might compensate the expenditure enhancing the skill development.

He said that the administrative and miscellaneous expenditure among others should be transparent and should be monitor properly.

Talking about the budget disbursement, Paudel said that there should be a clear mechanism as per the constitution that will allocate the proper allocation of the budget in all three levels. As the country has already accepted the federalism, the center cannot solely hold the budget right anymore, he said.

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