A day in my life

November 25, 2017 08:02 AM Dipendra Thapa

I felt restless. I woke up early as I had stomach pain. Without thinking, I went to the kitchen and remembered I was supposed to be in the toilet. I ran. Thank god, I was saved and relieved. I came back like a soldier being victorious in the war. No sooner had I entered into my blanket then my mother came out of her room with a big yawning. It was almost the time to get ready, so I washed my face and started studying.

That day I felt the morning was very long. Thinking not to be late and not having anything left in the house to do, I went to college 15 minutes in advance to reach bus stand, but the bus arrived in the usual time. May be the driver didn’t wake up as early as I did.

However, I got a seat. A few minutes later, a man sat beside me. He was wearing everything black—shirt, pant, goggle, shoes, and even his teeth—except for his hair which was in need of dying. Every time he spoke, I felt the rhetoric in his words because they were as strong as the wild fragrance of tobacco coming out from his mouth.

After expressing a lot of disagreement with the contemporary government to me, he asked to sit in the window seat as he was not used to travel in public bus. Not being able to refuse, I was compelled to sit beside the window seat and listen to his big-talk. The man started to establish his personality by mentioning his acquaintance with the big-men in the authority. He even recounted his meeting with G P Koirala, during their conference, and he said that he challenged him as well. I was almost half way to my college, but he was introducing himself. Luckily, a pregnant woman came and stood beside me and I left the seat in no time. However, she refused to sit. Then another aunty came jerkily as, she may had thought, I was again going to sit there.

However, I was five minutes late for my class and my teacher didn’t let me sit without cracking the same antiquated old not-funny joke. I sat at the corner seat as that was the only vacant seat. All of a sudden in the break time, a debate about existence of human being started between girls and boys in the class. We were arguing no life would be created on the earth if our role was eliminated. Girls were reasoning how we, boys, would create life if they are discarded. I felt I was stupid in the past cause I used to think that parents get their child only by marrying and not doing anything else.

During the break time, the teacher approached us and said why we can’t be serious. One of our fellow friends answered, “Serious are those who get admitted into the emergency ward of hospital.”Our teacher too added some points on that statement that made us laugh louder. All in all a day was spent well.

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