Freestyle football in Dharan

November 15, 2017 08:39 AM

DHARAN, Nov 14 : A group of football enthusiasts organized a 'Freestyle Football' show at various places of Dharan on Saturday. The show was hosted with the aim to promote freestyle football in Nepal. 

The program was held in association with students and teachers of the Liberty School, where 27-year-old Raj Rai from Dharan-11 demonstrated his freestyle football skills at Buddha Chowk, Bhanu Chowk, Baharai Shopping Complex and Bhedetar Chowk.

Freestyle football has gained much popularity in Nepal of late. 
About the performance Raj explained, "My performance might look simple to the audience, but freestyle football is a skill that is hard to learn. 

Balancing the ball on your head and rolling it on arms and legs is tricky. It required rigorous practice to master this style.” 

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