Myagdi candidates elaborate on their agendas

Published On: November 1, 2017 06:42 AM NPT

Provincial and parliamentary elections are just around the corner and excitement is in the air.  To woo voters candidates are pitching themselves with impressive agendas through door-to-door visits and mass assemblies. In this context, Republica talked to provincial assembly candidates from several political parties in Myagdi about their candidacies and their main agendas. Here are the excerpts: 

Bhupendra Thapa (51), CPN-UML candidate
Politics has become an integral part of my life. I have spent my prime years for it. I was stationed at the most remote areas to work for the party and worked for the party with dedication and honesty. I have numerous accomplishments of which the party is aware. Considering those accomplishments and my contribution, the party handed the election ticket to me. I am fully committed to meet people’s and the party’s expectations.
Three of the most important agenda of my campaign are related hydro power generation, tourism and promotion of religious sites. Myagdi has high potential for generating hydropower. Studies suggest that we can produce around 12 megawatt of hydropower. Around 100,000 domestic and international tourists come here in a year. Considering that we need to avail hospitality facilities to them and invest in promoting our tourist destinations further. 
Apart from natural tourism, I will be also focusing on increasing religious tourism. By focusing on these areas, I look forward to the change the fate of this place. 

Kham Bahadur Garbuja (45), Nepali Congress candidate
Myadi district has elected many leaders to national politics, but its residents are not satisfied with their performance as all they gave were just assurances. My candidacy is to change this trend. I want to do politics so that I can provide my services to the people and not to amass wealth. 
I had lost the second constituent election by thin margin but that did not discourage from doing social service. I am confident voters will definitely support me this time. 
If I am elected, I will be focusing on generating employment, hydropower and improving the education system. If we can generate employment at home, youths of the district won’t be forced to fly abroad in search of employment. By opening industries we can employ a lot of our human resources. 
We have huge potential for generating hydropower but it needs to be utilized the right way. Quality education is the need of the time as it ensures prosperous future. 

Amalal Fagami (70), Nepali Congress candidate
I am contending the elections because I want to develop this district. So far, we have not been able to really bring sustainable development. Few road networks have expanded but holistic development is lacking. We need to move ahead with a broad vision. I believe that politics is for people, not for power. 
My three main to-do-works are related to agriculture, hydropower and roads. Even though we have roads, these are simply for name sake. When you do not have good transportation system, many things get affected. 
I believe that good roads are pillar of development. Similarly, hydro power generation is another area where we have huge potential to develop. And then, agricultural development is a must. 

Bhim Prasad Gauchan (77), RPP candidate
My candidacy is for the sake of defending democracy. I have served the nation as a state minister several times. And during those tenures, I have sanctioned several development programs for this district. As part of those projects, we have worked on improving drinking water, health, education and other sectors. However, there is still a lot to do. And I look forward to continue the good work that I have done so far. If I have to point out my three major agenda, I must say that would be ensuring basic facilities, developing hydro and giving continuation to projects that I had started. Since I have been engaged in development activities for a long time now, I have a clear vision and plans for its development. 

Binod KC (34), CPN (Maoist Center) candidate
My candidacy represents the aspirations of Myagdi’s youth. Everyday hundreds of youths pick their luggage and head out to foreign countries for jobs. This story must come to an end and I am committed to that.  I belong to a family which has been engaged in the leftist politics since long. My brother Madan KC had lost life during the conflict. I understand agony of the people who lost their loved ones.
My major election agenda are education, health and development. If these are ensured, prosperity will be ensured. By development, I mean employing the youths, promotion of agriculture and tourism.  We should have banks here that provide easy loans to farmers and markets that trade their productions and so on. I believe that youths should give their blood and sweat to their own land, not others. 

Naradevi Pun (48), CPN-UML candidate
I am thankful that the party considered me for representing it in this election. I have been active in politics for a long period during which I have served the country as a parliamentarian, state minister. During these stints I have worked hard for women’s empowerment, cattle and vegetable farming etc. I want to give continuation to those projects and make them even more effective. I want to create a favorable environment for bringing outside investment here so that our economy thrives. 
My three main agenda are commercialization of cattle farming, investment in the hydro sector and employment for youth. If we want to develop faster, we need to bring in investment for developing the hydropower sector. This can make our district stand out in terms of development. Cattle farming have a great scope here. Youths are our strength; they need to stay and work here. And I have plans to launch development projects and programs that will retain them here.

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