Viplop Prateek launches ‘Abijit’

October 30, 2017 11:50 AM Aditya Neupane

KATHMANDU, Oct 30: Viplop Prateek, who is well known for his poems, unveiled his first novel ‘Abijit’. The book was launched by writer, poet and litterateur Durga Lal Shrestha, Nepali Congress leader Pradeep Giri and Dr prof  Kedar Bhakta Mathema amid a special program organized at Club Déjà vu, Durbar Marg on Saturday. 

Speaking on the occasion, Mathema said, “We are all turning busy with each passing day. And most of us do not find the time to read or write literature. This is a global trend and Nepali literature is in dire need of preservation.”

He added, “As I read this book, I found that the book describes about the experiences of migrant workers in US and other countries. The book also promotes national culture as it talks about the traditional Newari foods like choila and bhutan in detail.”

Similarly, Giri said, “Viplop has successfully described the ill practices and rituals prevalent during the insurgency era. It also describes the political changes in Nepal from the Sifal incidence in 1997 to civil war 2046 BS.”

“I wrote the novel when I was in America for six years and it is dedicated to my father,” said Viplop. Singer and musician Deep Shrestha along with actor Sunil Shrestha also attended the function as special guests. 

The book was published by Book Hill Publication and is priced Rs 400. 

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