Glimpses of Tihar (Photo feature)

October 19, 2017 09:12 AM Republica

KATHMANDU, Oct 19: An amalgamation of fests, humility, and giveaways, Tihar is one of the most revered festivals among kids and adults alike. While the ritualistic aspects keep the adults busy, younger ones make tireless efforts to shop gifts for friends and family. The specialty of Tihar is that not only humans and deities are given value, but also animals and birds like dogs, cows and crows are worshipped for their invaluable contribution to human life. 

Tihar has its own unique aspects. Lights and decoration is a major part of the festivals. Marigold flowers are used to decorate houses and shops with the belief that Laxmi, goddess of wealth, will bestow with prosperity and happiness in the coming days. 

Similarly, the deusi-bhailo carols are another annual tradition during Tihar where people of all ages and classes come together with the spirit of harmony. 

It is believed that Yamaraj, the god of death takes a break for five days during Tihar. So, the festival is celebrated with a prayer for longevity, a place in heaven, prosperity and animal welfare.     

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