HIV/AIDS becoming a major threat in Bajhang

Published On: October 14, 2017 03:47 AM NPT By: Jagat Khadka

HIV/AIDS becoming a major threat in Bajhang
Five members of same family infected with HIV

BAJHANG, Oct 13:  Two brothers of the same family in Bajhang who had left for India in search of employment have returned back with HIV. The virus has not just been transmitted to their wives but also to one of their children. Being horrified by the result of the blood tests, which showed all of them HIV positive, the two brothers along with their wives and an infant ran away to India all over again instead of taking medicines.  

The parents of the two brothers were horrified to hear that their sons brought HIV with them and also transmitted it to their wives. 

"We had never expected that we will ever have to see this," said Anakala BK of Dera. According to her, the elder son is 25 and the younger is 23 years old. "Even our grandson was born with the virus," she laments.

Another family has also been shattered in the same way.
"Before leaving for India, my husband had made so many promises and I was excitedly waiting for a better and prosperous life. But, unfortunately, that became a mere dream," said Kopila Malla of ward no 9 of the same municipality, adding, "Instead, he gifted me with HIV."  

Her husband, who had returned from India after living there for seven years, had HIV but Kopila was unaware of it. "Being unable to figure out his illness, my husband was getting treatment from the local Shamans and later died," she laments. Kopila found herself infected with HIV during a blood test. Now she has been regularly taking antiretroviral (ARV) treatment.

Despite her illness, Kopila these days has been actively creating awareness among the people regarding HIV/AIDS by being a part of an INGO named Multipurpose Development Society (MDS).
Unemployment has been a major problem in the district due to which large number of youths migrate to India or the Gulf countries in search of job. Under the influence of bad company, they start having unsafe sexual intercourse with whosoever and as a result get infected with HIV. They come back and transmit it again to their partners. As per the data provided by MDS, as many as 101 youths and three children in the districts are suffering from HIV. 
Still, many locals are not aware about STDs and HIV/AIDS and the way they are transmitted. The only time when they go for blood test or checkup is when they suffer with any kind of infection or disease. There is access to health services at all ten rural municipalities and municipalities of the district but still the locals are negligent about their health. Reportedly, 42 people are taking ARVs in the village right now among which three are children.

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