Police destroy 5,000 liters of hooch

October 13, 2017 01:30 AM Republica

PARBAT, Oct 13: The District Police Office (DPO), Parbat destroyed around 5,000 liters of hooch illegally distilled alcohol in the district on Wednesday.   

According to chief of the DPO, Dilip Ghimire, people consume excessive amount of homemade alcohol during festivals in the district. The market of such alcohol goes up, and it leads to rise in crimes during festivals. This has led the police to crackdown on hooch.

Ghimire added that police teams confiscated illegal alcohol from the villages of Kushma Municipality, Modi Rural Municipality and Jaljala Rural Municipality.

The DPO said they have been focusing on controlling the production, consumption and distribution of hooch in the market so as to minimize crimes in society.

Locals have been selling homemade alcohol in the markets of Parbat for their livelihood.  

Similarly, Parbat police has destroyed other illicit raw drugs seized from different houses in the villages, Ghimire informed.

“Also, as a security measure for the upcoming election, we have given priority to controlling the sales of hooch,” Ghimire said. 

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