Helping each other

October 12, 2017 11:28 AM Saurav Ranabhat

Parwati Khadka (left) and Simsang Lama are both nine years old. They are currently studying at The Rolling Stone School in Grade III. They say they are best friends.

Parwati lives in Basantapur whereas her friend lives in Banjahiti. Parwati helps her mother in selling tea by gathering in people that stroll around Basantapur area while Simsang helps her best friend in her work. Simsang’s parents have an antique shop at Basantapur.

Both of them are good in studies and say they love going to school. Parvati is helping her mother during her free time as she has holidays until the Tihar festival. She says the money she gets from helping her mother will go into her piggy bank and she will have enough money to build a house after a few years. They both aim to be doctors and actors in the future. 


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