Farmers in Parbat to get transportation subsidy

Published On: October 9, 2017 08:13 AM NPT By: Chhabi Lal Tiwari

PARBAT, Oct 8: Mahashila Rural Municipality of Parbat district has decided to distribute subsidies to the farmers to carry their agriculture products to the market.

While the Phalebas Municipality of Parbat has started to levy tax on export of agricultural products, Mahashila Rural Municipality took such decision to ease the situation for the farmers who have always faced transportation issues.

As the farmers had been bearing transportation costs by themselves, almost half of their earning used to go to compensate these costs. Considering this situation, the rural municipality has decided to provide subsidy to farmers, according to the municipality chief Raju Prasad Poudel. 
Mahashila Rural Municipality is a remote area of the district, where transportation is always an issue. With the subsidy decision, the farmers are expected to be relieved of transportation issues. 
“Farmers have to pay half of their earning for transportation which is a loss for them. It might discourage them toward commercial agriculture,” Poudel said: “That’s why we have decided to distribute subsidy for transportation.” 

While Phalebas Municipality of Parbat has started to levy tax on export of agricultural products, Mahashila Rural Municipality took 

such decision to ease the situation for the farmers who have always faced transportation issues.

The subsidy will be distributed following certain criteria for the commercial farmers, Poudel added. 
“We will provide transportation subsidy to the farmers who are involved in commercial farming of livestock, vegetable, and fruits,” Poudel said: “It is not meant for those who are farming for their own livelihood.” He clarified that the subsidy will be provided on export of chicken, duck, chicks, vegetables, fruits and other livestock.

Lunkhu Deurali, Huwas, Phalebas, Kusma, Pokhara and Naudada are the market for the livestock and agricultural products of Mahashila Rural Municipality.

Mahashila is popular particularly for goat farming, vegetables, orange, and potato. Encouraging the farmers with such activities is expected to help increase production that will ultimately make Mahashila economically self-dependent. 

Stating that levying taxes on farmers will create negative environment for them, the rural municipality said that they have introduced the policy to provide transportation subsidy as an economic incentive to the farmers. 

Mahashila has also brought a policy of ‘one house one employment’ through livestock farming and agriculture. “A meeting of our executive council has prioritized livestock farming and agriculture for the prosperity of the area,” Poudel said: “We are also conducting a campaign of one house one employment.” 

He further said that the rural municipality will bring several policies to become self-sufficient in agriculture. 

The rural municipality has planned to form targeted pocket areas as per the demand of farmers, where it will mobilize local cooperatives for promotion of agricultural activities. It has also planned to distribute free medicines to the livestock farmers. 

“Our major objective is to provide employment to every household via livestock farming and agriculture,” Poudel told Republica. Mahashila has allocated a budget of Rs 6.9 million for the promotion of livestock farming and agriculture.

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