Poll promises of mayoral candidates of Birgunj

Published On: September 9, 2017 06:50 AM NPT By: Ritesh Tripathi

BIRGUNJ, Sept 9: After the local level restructuring, lots of villages have been merged to form new cities.

With the date for the third phase of local elections inching closer, candidates vying for various posts have started campaigning for the polls. In order to woo the maximum number of voters, candidates of the eight districts of Province 2 are busy persuading locals with their development agendas. In an interaction with the district reporter of Nepal Republic Media, Ritesh Tripathi, mayoral candidates of Birgunj discussed about their election agenda. Excerpts:

Clean and developed city

Ajay Kumar Dwivedi
Nepali Congress (NC)

The local election has offered an opportunity for the locals to choose their representatives. NC has always been loyal to the people and has always served for their well being. We are hopeful that they will support our party no matter what. NC has a vision, planning and an ability to make it happen. Our party has a notable past and a hopeful future. In Birgunj, creating a clean, managed, healthy and developed city is our priority. After the local level restructuring, lots of villages have been merged to form new cities. We want the locals to realize that they really live in cities now. No one will have to reach the district headquarters or the capital city seeking any facility or service as they can get them at their own villages. Besides that, repair and reconstruction of historical monuments is also our major agenda.

Change and development

Bijay Kumar Saraogi
Federal Socialist Forum Nepal

Zero tolerance to corruption, expansion of services, speeding up of construction and development projects, transparency and technical administration are some of our major agenda. In order to widen the income source of the locals, we want to make Birgunj a hub for education, health, business etc. Apart from that, we will be focusing on road, sewage, cleanliness, electricity and sports. At the moment, locals are encountering various problems such as urbanization and pollution. So, we will be taking efforts to control these problems too. A special package will be endorsed for the development of newly formed cities. These are our election agenda and future work plans. ‘Change, development and self-respect’ is our slogan for the election.

A different identity of the metropolis

Rahabar Ansari
CPN (Maoist-Centre)

Birgunj Metropolis needs a separate identity now. Development of physical infrastructures is very essential. I am moving forward with concrete development plans which will ensure the progress of the city. I have filed my candidacy to change the development scenario of this city. I aim to make Birgunj the most beautiful and attractive metropolis of the country. With the changing times, not just the agenda but the working style of political leaders has also changed. Earlier, people’s representatives used to concentrate more on politics rather than development but now that has changed. They have a different vision and understanding, which will certainly help to change the country too. I trust the loyalty of my people and I know they will support me.
Candidacy for evolution

Basuruddinn Ansari

I decided to file for my candidacy as demanded by the locals. What I know about people is that they are dying for change. I have a DPR for the development of the city. There have been several accusations against me since filing my nomination. I have been accused of evading Rs 90 million but people should know that it’s me who is filing candidacy not National Medical College.  This is a planned conspiracy from those who are envious of my popularity and have already visualized their defeat. But, plotting is very much common during elections.

‘Greater’ Birgunj 

Rajeshman Singh
Rastiya Janata Party (RJP)

It is not possible to develop Birgunj as long as its youths fly to other cities or countries in search of employment. We should be able to bring home all the skilled manpower from foreign lands. In order to control brain drain, it is necessary to provide plenty of job opportunities in the country. Employment is my main agenda. We have made a work plan which is based on the overall development of Birgunj.

Economic prosperity

Bimal Prasad Srivastav
Nepal Democratic 

The local election must have a local agenda. Development is our main priority. If I get elected as the mayor, I will be bringing a plan for the overall development of Birgunj metropolis. I will be pressing for economic development agenda.  I will be focusing particularly on management of roads, sewage, drinking water among others. Employment opportunities for youths will be my priority.

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