ECAN Education Fair begins in Pokhara

August 13, 2017 10:44 AM Republica

POKHARA: The Sixth ECAN Education Fair has kicked off in Pokhara from Friday. The fair, slated to end on Sunday, is being organized by Education Consultancy Association of Nepal, Kaski.

At the fair, national and international institutions have installed a total of 65 educational stalls with the consent from the Ministry of Education.

Inaugurating the fair, Mayor of Pokhara-Lekhnath Metropolis, Manbahadur GC, shared that the youths should to return from foreign lands after their higher education is completed. "The skills that youngsters acquire in foreign countries should be utilized here because the nation will develop only if capable manpower put their effort," he said.

President of ECAN, Kaski Milan Tiwari stated that the fair was being organized to aware students about education opportunities in Nepal and abroad. He further mentioned about the relentless efforts of Queens' Ford College, Nurse Training Australia, Sydney Metro College and Pacific College of Technology for the event.
Also speaking on the occasion, ECAN's Acting president Niraj Sitaula said youngsters must now focus on making Nepal an IT hub.

At the fair, students can seek direct advice from IDP Australia and The British Council regarding IELTS. Tiwari also mentioned that the universities from Australia, America, England, New Zealand, Ireland, Germany, Denmark, France, Russia, Japan, India and China, among other countries, were involved in the fair.

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