Suicides on the rise in Myagdi

Published On: August 10, 2017 07:53 AM NPT By: Hari Krishna Gautam

MYAGDI, Aug 9: He was just 10. Prakash BK of Chhepare village of Beni municipality had been to his school just like any other day last Sunday. As usual, he returned home on time. Usually after reaching home, he would rush to play. Upon insistence, he would take some food before going out to see friends. But that day, he did not go out to meet his friends. Nor did he take snacks. He was nowhere. After sometime, he was found dead. ^PBK had hung himself to death at his house.

The bereaved family says it is clueless about the reason for which he claimed his life. BK did not look like a sad boy. He was never seen that disturbed, they claim. He used to study at a primary school in Musungdol. ^PSunita Pun, 16, of Malikagaun-1 committed suicide last year and the reason behind her death also is still unknown. Her family members refuse to speak much about it. Sandesh Pun, 28 of Bhimkali, Banepa-3 also chose the same path the same year. He had also hung himself. ^PKrishna Bahadur Thapa, 25, of Ratnechaur, Banepa-1 also ended his life six months ago on the day of his brother’s wedding ceremony. His brother had just been back from overseas.

Locals say that Thapa was going through some kind of mental disorder. He had jumped off from a cliff to end his life. ^PPolice says that suicidal cases are steadily on the rise in the district. And growing number of adolescents are taking life so lightly. “People are committing suicide for several reasons. But it is really sad that young ones are doing that too,” said DSP Basundhara Khadka. “And remarkably, suicidal cases among children or adolescents are on the rise,” she added. ^PPolice reports indicate that domestic issues are major reasons behind the suicides. Misunderstanding, disputes, economic and social pressure are talking toll on people’s mental health. ^P“Unwanted pregnancy, divorce, break-up, frustration related to career, financial problems, failing ambitions, disappointments, chronic health issues and so on have been killing youths and adults,” Khadka said.

Early marriage, as well as arranged marriage is one of the biggest reasons behind disturbed family status in the district. Khadka notes that very young girls and boys are not being able to handle their martial life. Similarly, foreign employment has been taking people’s life.

“People get married without knowing each other very much. In addition, men then go to foreign countries like Qatar, Malaysia, soon after marriage. Their emotional bonding hardly gets chance to mature,” she said. “Then what happens next is, men work hard and earn. Female here have comparatively comfortable life. However, she feels insecure. We have seen such cases a lot” Khadka added. ^PShe further said that migrant labors’ families are finding it hard to live up to family values. Wives of migrant workers often develop relationship outside marriage and then when things cannot be settled down fairly, they opt for suicide. “Girls of young or elder age whose husband are working abroad are committing suicide. They are under social or moral pressure as they are in difficult situation,” she asserted.

According to Khadka, social awareness is very crucial at the moment. People’s psychological, material, physical needs are vital things and cannot be undermined, she said. “We should launch mental health awareness campaigns. Young girls and boys must understand life and society. We must run such classes in schools and colleges,” she said. “Depression and other types of mental issues need to be widely discussed and should be treated just as we treat other physical illness. Or else, we are going to continue loosing precious life just for nothing,” she added. ^PDr Dhiren Malla of Beni Hospital shared the people of all age groups have been committing suicide. Mental stress has been killing people even in their eighties, he said. “Suicide is getting common. From kids to grey-haired elders are killing themselves.

Isolation, lack of interest in life has become a grave issue. We have to take it very seriously,” he said. “People have to be more understanding and open towards mental health issues,” he added.  ^PAccording to the doctor, people are losing patience. When confronted with some kind of crisis, they find no confidant to share their agonies. Such lack usually forces them tread on the path of suicide, he said. “Not only youths, but elderly people are also seen to have lesser patience and perseverance to deal with stress. When you give up at some moment, you take your own life. But when you move on with patience, suicidal tendencies can be overcome and prevented,” he elaborated. ^PAs per the data of the district police office, 15 people committed suicide last year.

A year before that the numbers were higher than that. This fiscal year, two have already committed suicide in the month of Srawan. “If we look at the graph of the last ten years, we will find that numbers of suicides in the district are rising. The trend points to the increasing prevalence of mental illness in the district and this should be addressed in time to save lives,” Khadka stressed.

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