A different kind of hero

June 23, 2017 15:48 PM Swasti Gautam

Over the past few years, we have all come to know and love Dayahang Rai. Whether it be as Gofle in Loot, Batase in Purano Dunga or Kaji in Kabaddi Kabaddi, Rai has managed to win us over with his effortless acting skills and great comic timing. Here, we get a glimpse of the man behind the actor.

What is the one thing you enjoy about being an actor?
For me, being appreciated for something I love doing is probably the best thing about being in this profession. I have always enjoyed acting and I feel blessed to be able to build my career in something that doesn’t bore me.  

Besides being an actor, what else defines you?
I’m a family man and love to spend time with my wife and child. Moments with them are what I look forward to and crave the most. Apart from that, I love to read and especially enjoy poetry.

Between theater and movies, which is your favorite?
These are actually two different kinds of art forms and cannot be compared. I love acting in theater as well as in movies. If I was forced to pick one then I would have to say theater because it holds a special place in my heart. I was a part of theater before acting in movies and so, in a way, it’s my first love.

What is it about theater that draws you to it?
Theater has certain elements that movies simply do not possess. On stage, in front of your audience, you have to imagine things and be able to make them see and feel it too. For instance, you might have to emote how breezy or cold it is and, while that is difficult, it is also what makes theater exciting and interesting.

What has been the greatest challenge you have faced during your career?
You see I do not have the most attractive face. Before I joined acting, there was a set standard as to how a ‘hero’ should look. Being a person who looks like any other ordinary person walking on the road, it was difficult for me construct a space for myself and emerge as a ‘hero’ of a movie. Even the audience expected the hero to have a great physique and excellent verbal skills which I lacked. Yet, I’m very thankful to everyone who accepted my work and made me who I am today.

Tell us one thing that not everybody knows about you.
As a child I was an introvert. And that is true to a certain extent even today. I tend to get very nervous when I am around my seniors. Also, I lose my temper quite easily which I know is a bad thing. But, these days, I try and keep it in check.

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