Sister to fulfill late brother’s dreams

Published On: June 17, 2017 07:32 AM NPT By: Upendra Lamichhane

KATHMANDU, June 16: Sushrina’s elder brother Sushant often used to share his dreams of a successful future with his family members. His high ambitions, wish to be a successful person and willingness to serve his parents very much inspired Sushrina.

Like on other days, on April 25, 2015, Sushant, his mother Sadhana and Sushrina, a ninth grader back then, were watching television in their room. On that day too, Sushrina was attentively listening to his brother’s ambitions and dreams. Then the earthquake hit. Sushrina’s brother Sushant died on the spot. Her mother Sadhana was injured.

Sushrina’s right leg was broken as she was hit by a concrete block. She was hospitalized for three months. The dreams of the Dhakal family were shattered within seconds.
The devastating earthquake of 2015 took her brother away, leaving her in pain. The death of her loving brother disturbed her mentally and emotionally while her own pain broke her physically. She had been dealing with the tragedy for two years. Despite all the pain in her life, she appeared in the Secondary. 

Education Examination (SEE) at the end of 2073 BS. On Friday, after waiting for two months, her results were published. She passed the SEE with A grade marks. The Dhakal family is overwhelmed by her outstanding results.

When the SLC results (back then SEE was called SLC) came two years ago, Sushant had passed the exams with distinction. But this news did not make the Dhakal family happy; it rather broke them down. To her parents who couldn’t bring his brother’s report card home, Sushrina handed her certificate of success. “Finally after two years, I saw my parents smile,” said Sushrina, adding “I want them to keep smiling.” After showing her result, Sushrina promised her parents that she will fulfill all their dreams that her late brother had shown. “Even though the earthquake snatched away my family’s happiness for some time, it could not break me down completely and now I will gather all the strength I can and will do everything possible to make my brother’s dreams come true,” Sushrina said.

After the tragic earthquake, all that the Dhakal family had was their daughter. So, both the parents dedicated themselves completely to taking care of their injured daughter. It seems like their love and hard work has finally paid off. “I will become a doctor because that’s what my brother’s dream was and even my parents are ready to support me,” said Sushrina. 

“I have no words to explain how happy and proud my daughter has made me,” said Suresh Dhakal Father of Sushrina.

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