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June 1, 2017 09:07 AM

What is your solution to the dust problem in Kathmandu?

Shobhit Shakya

The city should properly plan road constructions before hand to ensure that construction material is not left on the side of the road. When vehicles are driven over these construction materials, they tend to pollute the air even further. If the city organizes road construction in phases, many roads will not be left unpaved. I also think that once a road has been constructed, they need to be vacuumed so that all the left-over dust is taken care of.

Bishal Rajbhandari

Dust is a temporary problem that should be resolved once the Melamchi pipeline has been constructed. The deadlier problem, however, is the smoke emissions from automobiles and brick-kilns.

Dinesh Raj Upadhayay

I think the government should take an initiative to stop all smoke emitting vehicles for at least a day in a month. Saturday would be a viable option because it’ll be a public holiday. With this initiative, at least one day will be a dust free day for city denizens. We can also undertake eco-friendly activities like cycling and planting trees for awareness on that day and decrease the amount of smoke and dust in the long-term.

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