Parties determined to adopt failed electoral alliance strategy again

Published On: May 24, 2017 01:10 AM NPT By: Mithilesh Yadav

NC, Madhesi parties mulling to form electoral alliance in the second phase elections
LAHAN, May 24: Electoral alliances between various political parties in the first phase of local elections failed to garner the number of votes they had expected. Yet, undeterred by the failure, political parties are mulling to form electoral alliances in the second phase of the local elections slated for June 14.

Nepali Congress (NC), which is set to lead the next government, is forming electoral alliance with Madhes-based parties in Siraha district. The party is speeding up process to form alliance with Federal Socialist Forum Nepal (FSFN). Many leaders have observed the move as a strategy to weaken the victory chances of CPN-UML.

FSFN leaders are also positive that the formation of strategic electoral alliance with NC will bring positive results, helping them secure better votes. Likewise, NC leaders are of the opinion that forming electoral alliance with Madhesi parties will soften their view toward NC.

Siraha-based NC leader Mahesh Chaudhary confirmed that the party has already initiated procedure to form electoral alliance with Madhesi parties.
“As NC has always been sympathetic and supportive to the demands of Madhesi parties, we hope it won't be difficult to form alliance with them,” he said.

NC is trying to win over votes by expressing development agendas based on Madhesi sentiments. “We have strong support in the region and will utilize that to our advantage in the upcoming elections,” said Ram Chandra Yadav, president of Siraha chapter of NC.

On the other hand, UML has adopted a strategy to woo voters that have remained dissatisfied with the Madhes-based political parties. The party leaders said they are only opposing those demands of the Madhesi parties that will hurt the Madhesi people and the country itself.

UML leader Ashok Yadav said they enjoy strong support in municipalities and rural municipalities of Siraha. “We found some voters in confused state as they have been hearing different opinions and propagandas. We have reached out to them and now they aren't confused anymore,” he added.

During their campaigns, UML has also been presenting some of their popular projects and programs when they were leading the government, which were loved by the people of Mahdes.

“UML has been stressing on holding the local elections. Now, even the Madhes-based parties have accepted the elections and are participating in it,” said Yadav. The party has already finalized candidates in Sukhipur Municipality, Kalyanpur Municipality and newly-formed Karjhanha Municipality, he informed, adding that they will soon finalize candidates for other remaining local units as well.

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