Myagdi : Nature at its best

Published On: July 15, 2016 12:00 AM NPT By: RK Adipta Giri

Cradled in the laps of the Himalayas, Myagdi district in Dhaulagiri zone is one of the most beautiful places in Nepal. The glorious mountain ranges that run through its landscape, significant bio-diversity, and a rich history make Myagdi an appealing place to visit any time of the year. The district headquarters of Myagdi, Beni Bazaar, is a historical market that has a lot of prospect and potential to be a focus for tourism. Before the unification of Nepal, Beni was the trading hub of Tibet and India. Located at the meeting point of the river Myagdi and Kali Gandaki, Beni Bazaar is incomparable for its cultural variety and economic enrichment.

Beni is also recognized as the gateway of Mustang district. From the neighboring villages of Beni, one can glimpse the mesmerizing beauty of the different snow peaks of the Annapurna Range. More than a dozen peaks of the Dhaulagiri range, like Annapurna, Nilgiri, Churain, Manapathi, Gurja can too be seen from here. This place is just perfect for people who crave adventure and enjoy mountaineering. They can also participate in honey hunting in the overhangs of these mountains.

Some parts of Myagdi, that fall under Dhorpathan, are covered with dense forests and grasslands. It is a habitat of different kinds of wild animals and birds. It is recognized as Dhorpatan hunting reservation area. Likewise, places located on the northern province of this district like Quine Mangalay, Chim Khola, Narjang, etc have the best prospect to be research places for different kinds of organic farming. The Ghorepani forest of that expanse is said to be the second largest forest that boasts abundant blossoms of Rhododendron, our national flower.

Complete with scenic natural beauty and rich cultural diversity, Myagdi is the ideal tourist destination from where you can get a close glimpse of the Himalayas and enjoy the best of what nature has to offer. The local people and different NGOs are now in cooperation to plan out strategies for the development of tourism in this district under which Myadgi is sure to flourish.

Snowfall lake at Annapurna Base Camp.

Rupsey Waterfalls is one of the most beautiful waterfalls located in Myagdi district.

Yaks are often taken to graze near the lush fields of Khopra Lake.

The Singha hot spring is also known as the ‘Natural Healing Center’.

A general Yak breeding centre located at Sikh VDC. The Dhaulagiri Range can be seen in the backdrop.

The famous holy place Galeswor Dham in Myagdi.

The holy Takam Kot mandir.

The inhabitants of Gurja VDC taking the sheep to graze on the meadows.

Local people of Narchaing VDC, Myagdi.

Local people enjoying the snow fall at Gurja VDC.


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