20 habits you should pay attention to in 2020

Published On: January 1, 2020 01:30 PM NPT By: Anjali Subedi

Life can be made much happier by following some simple tricks. Here are some of the exciting habits that you should pay attention to in 2020. These simple habits could help make your life more vibrant and meaningful. 

1. Spend time in nature
The digital world has taken over us and we are distancing with nature. The departure with the beauty and freshness of nature leaves us exhausted, both physically and mentally. In 2020, contemplate on this and manage time to embrace the thrill of the magnificent nature around you.

2. More humor in life
No matter whether life is moving on a smooth highway or a rough track, humor should walk by our side. You should learn to laugh at yourself and to the world. Keeping oneself lighthearted is our divine responsibility.

3. Healthy talks
What we talk about and listen to defines us. Healthy talks make us wiser, healthier, and humane. Avoid people who enjoy backbiting and belittling others in 2020.  

4. Meditate in the morning or evening
We spend a lot of time giving attention to the world. Looking inward is something we have missed. In 2020, move a step forward toward self-contemplation. This is like meeting oneself. The spiritual journey begins from here.

5. Ask for help 
Many people hesitate to ask for help. Asking for help for a genuine cause benefits not only the individual but also the bigger community. Cohabitation is the nature of society, and we should not overlook this aspect. If we are too shy to express our problems, let’s rethink that in 2020. 

6. Be helpful 
Helping others awards us with a deep sense of satisfaction. So if someone offers us the privilege to help them, let’s take it. Our habit to help others without boasting much of it keeps us humble, calm and happy.

7. Minimize expenses 
Everything comes at a price. We should not be reckless about spending. Being economic and simple makes life much easier and hassle-free. In 2020, let’s commit to be careful and sensible about the choice of our expenses.

8. Go for regular health check-up
This is one of the most important but underrated habits Nepalis have. Due to the lack of regular health monitoring, we often invite serious troubles in life. Be it dental or kidney related issues, a little delay costs us dearly. Let’s visit doctors, before it is too late.

9. Go cycling
Cycling is not something only children should enjoy. All age groups can simply go for it. Cycling comes for a little price but rewards excessively. It’s a huge fun, thrill and fitness trick. Let’s think about doing some cycling in the year 2020.

10. Read books
Reading books enhances our knowledge and outlook in life. Reading is a great fun. If you are not yet into it, let’s begin in 2020. Have some inspiring books on your shelves and visit the world through the magic of words.

11. Quit smoking and drinking
Smoking and drinking not only take a toll on your health but have bad impacts on your personal, social and family life. Excess smoking and drinking is destructive. Better control such habits before they become too tall to dismantle.

12. Less sugar and salt 
Doctors suggest less use of both sugar and salt. Be it children or adults, the consumption of sugar and salt in limit is suggested. If you want to avoid several kinds of health complexities, let’s have food with very little sugar and salt.

13. Stay hydrated
Water is life. But we often forget to drink water. Let’s remind ourselves to drink enough water for good health, good skin and cheerfulness. Drinking at least four liters a day is what health experts suggest. 

14. Avoid junk food
The fast pace of life hardly allows us to be too selective about food. However, it is wise to have a systematic management to avoid junk food. We should have fresh vegetables, fruits and homemade meals as far as possible.

15. Limit meat consumption
Meat lovers may not like to hear this. But limiting meat consumption is very good for health and mind. Instead of having a huge quantity of fish, chicken or mutton, it is better to include salad in your meals and snacks if you aim for a healthy going.

16. Have a good sleep
A good rest is important for everyone. Doctors suggest eight hours of sleep every day. If we compromise sleeping hours and its quality, we invite a number of diseases. The lack of sleep also heightens the risks of depression and anxiety.

17. Limit screen time
Our quality of life improves if we can control our association with the computers, laptops and mobile phones. Limiting screen time is already an urgent to-do. Let’s make life peaceful and vibrant in 2020 by being a little conscious about the bad habit of hanging onto the screen. 

18. Plan vacations
Break your regular routine and go for vacations. It is important to explore the world beyond the job and the house. Be out of your workplace for all good causes once in a while.

19. Welcome positive thoughts 
Our thoughts are very powerful. They have the power to manifest. Instead of falling into the trap of negative thoughts and low energy, we should welcome positive thoughts. Let positive thoughts come and stay with us.

20. Practice yoga
Yoga became a buzzword a few years ago. Even now, many talk about it. But a few practice it. Let 2020 be a good year to adapt to the habit of practicing yoga and keep yourself healthy, happy and efficient.

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