Six ways to become the champion of your eating disorder

Published On: April 21, 2017 11:35 PM NPT By: Republica  | @RepublicaNepal

Eating disorder is a serious illness and people suffering through it have their own set of struggles. Here are few ways you can become a self loving person by overcoming your eating disorder.

See food as medicine
On your quest towards leaving your food-is-the-enemy mentality behind, see food as medicine. After all, food nourishes your body in a way that nothing else can; it is medicinal. As a foodie, I totally get that food is so much more than this; it nourishes so much more of us than just our bodies. Yet someone with a severe eating disorder is likely incapable, at least at first, of understanding this.

Trying to get them to see food as love or anything spiritual or special is beyond the scope of reality.

Hopefully this will come with time and healing, but focus first on not seeing food as something to fear.
Eat when you’re hungry, stop when you’re full
It’s not just the people with eating disorders who have stopped listening to their bodies. Our society as a whole does not prepare us for a life of eating when hungry and stopping when full. Only eating when you are hungry and not just because you want to eat can prevent your eating disorder from getting worse. This reconditioning takes patience and practice—and, it’s worth it.
Stop using the F-word! 
Fat. It’s become an ordinary part of our lexicon. Try to avoid this word and stop calling yourself fat. 

Please, even if you think it, stop saying it. Don’t use this word especially in front of your kids . If you are using this word in front of your kids you are not only are you allowing the cycle to continue for your kids, you’re allowing it to continue for yourself. 

You always have the potential to become sick again
You will always have a potential to relapse . Don’t always think you are completely cured this will prepare you for the time if you ever relapse and will always keep you aware of your eating habits. 

Treat yourself like a beloved friend
In some cases this might not work, because some people don’t know how to treat other people with love and compassion. However, this step really helps. Talk to yourself like a dear friend. Would you say some of the things you say to yourself to someone you really loved, or would you treat them with more understanding and forgiveness? Being objective in this loving manner is a huge step towards the ultimate goal of health and self-love. (And this is true for everyone, not just people suffering from an eating disorder.) Remember that thoughts become words and words become actions—so start demanding that your inner voice speaks more gently.
Practice yoga
 If you already practice yoga, great. If you don’t, start. When you tune into a daily yoga practice, you will discover so much health and ease and love for yourself and for your body. Practicing yoga will help you overcome a myriad of physical problems—from chronic low blood pressure to SI joint pain after childbirth.

Aside from these tips you should always remember that recovering from an eating disorder is possible. You just need to take small steps towards recovery one at a time.


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