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Published On: April 7, 2017 12:30 AM NPT

Fashion designer Tenzing Yangkyi believes fashion should be about comfort and quality, which is why her fashion label, Teyang, focuses mainly on those things while being swanky and classy designing at the same time. Her designs also take on a minimalistic approach to fashion and it is suitable for everyday wear as well as formal occasions. The best thing is that her designs have no age bar – it caters to women of all ages.

After acquiring an undergraduate degree in Fashion Design from Northampton University, London, Teyang spent the next two years on an internship program there where, she says, she could truly explore her talent. After returning to Nepal, she worked as a freelance designer for another two years and then launched her own fashion label. Apart from that, Teyang has also showcased her designs in various fashion shows including ‘En Vogue’, couture fashion show held in 2016. 

Currently busy with preparations of launching a store at Baber Mahal Revisited, Kathmandu, Tenzing took some time out to talk to The Week about what goes on behind the makings of a stylish piece.  

What inspired you to become a designer?
Ever since my childhood days, I’ve been in love with construction, and not necessarily just garment construction. Any kind of construction intrigues me, but the idea of construction around a functioning body fascinated me more than anything else, so I decided on garment designing. Even now form and construction dominate my thinking process when I design. 


What type of fabric do you like to work with most and why?
As a vegan I’m completely against animal cruelty, so I don’t work with animal products. So far, I have managed to maintain the quality without having to use them. At the moment, for summers, viscose has been my favorite material. It’s luxurious and casual and it’s so light and soft too. I can’t think of another summer favorite for the next few summers. 

Do you have themes to go with your collection?
Every collection has a separate theme, but they all revolve around comfort and minimalism. 

How has the Nepali fashion industry changed in the past few years?
The interest in it has certainly increased, if the large number of fashion students and numerous fashion shows are anything to go by. Professionally, however, we still have a lot of areas where we could grow, and a lot of scope for improvement as well. 

Can you tell us which is the favorite outfit you have designed till date?
This is like asking a mother to choose between her children. I don’t have a favorite because they are all my favorites. 

Looking back at your designs, which color do you find yourself using the most?
Everything in my head starts in either black or white, no matter which color I may be working with. I find other colors and prints extremely distracting, and somehow imperfect. 


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