Is Women's Day only for the well-offs?

Published On: March 9, 2017 12:20 AM NPT By: Jagat Khadka

BAJHANG, March 9: Putali Sarki, 35, of Melbisauna-7 was almost beaten to death by her husband for not opening the door instantly after his arrival at home on Tuesday.

While many women in the cities were found celebrating the International Women's Day on Wednesday, Sarki was struggling with her broken hand. “What about our rights? Are we not women?” she questions.

 It was late night and she was sleeping with her two kids when her husband knocked the door. Though she immediately went to open the door, her drunken husband started beating her with a wooden stick until he broke her left arm and knocked her unconscious. Later, her neighbors saved her from dying.
Sarki laments that even after having bruises all over her body she cannot go to the police station to complain against her husband. “Villagers suggested me to solve the issue at home as it is not right to complain about one's own husband,” said Sarki. “They talk about women's rights and justice but I don't know where we get that,” she laments.

By holding a placard on her hand, Karuna BK of Jay Prithvi Municipality participated in the celebration of the Women's Day. Though the slogan of the program stressed on maintaining peace at home to keep the world peaceful, BK laments that  it is only limited to words. With black and blue marks under her eyes she shared how brutally her husband beat her up last night for not cooking good food.

“I have studied till the eleventh grade and I know about women's right as well. But how will I fight against my own husband?” said BK. According to her, it would have been easier for her to take action if it was someone else. She informed her that people keep asking her about her bruises but she keeps lying to them saying that she fell down.

Many women participated in programs and rallies of the Women's Day with various slogans and banners in the district headquarters.  The Children and Women's Office under the government of Nepal in Bajhang district had organized a function to mark the 107th International Women's Day which was attended mostly by educated and employed women. But women in remote areas are not even aware about this day.  

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