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Published On: February 3, 2017 01:05 AM NPT By: SADICHHYA GURUNG

I find Instagram makeup creative and dramatic as compared to our everyday makeup look. If you are following a beauty account on Instagram then it is almost impossible to miss super sharp eyeliner, fleeky brows, extreme contouring and intense highlight. I absolutely love taking a deep dive through Instagram and discovering fun new trends like strobing, glitter freckles and more, although they may not be something that I’d wear on a daily basis. Now let’s talk about how to replicate the looks and be insta ready in a jiffy. Instagram makeup is fascinating than the usual makeup trends as you can be as extreme as you want here. All you have to do, as with all kinds of makeup, is make sure you are comfortable with the look.

Instagram makeup looks are similar to our go-to everyday look. However, it also includes extreme contouring and highlight followed by an extra touch of everything from our daily makeup routine.  

Start off with your basic skincare routine and after that you’ll definitely need to have a flawless photo-ready base, so make sure that you apply a photo-ready primer or your favorite primer and follow up with your foundation routine. 

You can go heavy or light handed on your eyes depending on the effect you want to create. I like to put on some warm bronze/ brown shades with a shimmery shade in the inner corners or go for a halo eye look, when in doubt. For eyeliner, line a sharp wing as per your eye shape and then also dust it with a shadow in the same shade on top to hold the liner in place. Finally, apply your favorite mascara and fake lashes to finish up your eye look. 

Eyebrows on fleek
For the brows, you can go fleeky or bushy or natural according to your preference.

Personally, I prefer fleeky/ bushy brows. Keep in mind that your eyebrows are sisters, not twins – they are bound to look a little different. For products, you have the choice between a pencil, powder and pomade. For first timers, a pencil or powder is recommended because it’s a bit easier to put on. Start off light and gradually darken all the way to the tail ends of your brows. Clean out the edges with a lighter concealer and add brow gel to help set the product and keep the hair from moving out of place. 

Highlight and contour 
Highlighting and contouring are two fun tricks that you can use to enhance your facial structures. It’s also important to keep your face shape in mind. First, highlight your features with a two to three shades lighter concealer and blend, blend, and blend some more. For Instagram, I like to cream contour because you can pat it on with your fingers or a beauty blender. For that extreme effect, you can set the cream contour with a bronzer and also bake the highlight for a photo-ready finish.

Flush it up
Add a bright peachy shade for a natural flush. Highlighting is must when you are contouring because it brings the light back to your face. For that extra glow, I like to spray some mac fix plus in my brush and pop in my favorite highlighter as well. 

For lips, you can go for any shade that compliments your skin tone and makeup look. If your eye makeup is a bit dramatic, then a lighter shade would be a great choice but if you have chosen to keep your eye makeup simple then go for a darker shade. As for trends, mattes and glosses are the current hypes on Instagram.  

Lastly, don’t forget to set your makeup in place with a setting spray. 

Hair and outfit
To achieve the Instagram look, you can always play with your hairstyle with dutch/french braids and mess your baby hairs a bit. You can also curl/ straighten it, or leave it messy and add a cap, if you want to go for a baddie look. For outfit, I’d choose whatever is hanging in my closet and style it my way. If you have a specific outfit in mind, then go for it. You are what you wear and while dressing, you are doing so more for yourself than anyone else.  

A little bit extra
To complete the Instagram look, you can always add accessories like rings, glasses, scarves and other interesting tidbits. You’ll definitely want to take a good picture after putting in all that effort so make sure the lighting and background are good. Best is the natural day light around 2 – 5 pm. Find the light, angle your face wisely, pose perfectly and say no to duck face – it’s become a tad bit boring, don’t you think? 

Gurung is a makeup artist based in Pokhara. She can be reached on Instagram @saddixya and you can also find her on Facebook – Saddixya Gurung

(As told to Reya Shreya Rai) 

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